Scheer concerned about Fords decision to scrap planned Frenchlanguage university

first_imgAndrew Scheer says he spoke with Ontario’s Conservative premier about the cancellation of a planned French-language university, but did not ask him to reverse the decision. Scheer told reporters at a news conference that he “expressed his concerns” about the cancellation while meeting with Doug Ford at the province’s Progressive Conservative party convention, but says the decision was the premier’s to make. Ford’s government announced the move on Thursday, in its first fiscal update since taking office.Plans for the university were announced in July 2017 by the province’s previous Liberal government.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he was “deeply disappointed” by Ford’s move, while Melanie Joly, the minister of official languages, tweeted that Ford and Scheer should know Francophones “cannot and will not be shortchanged.”Scheer says the Liberals are just trying to politicize something that has nothing to do with him.He says when voters go to the polls in next year’s federal election, they’ll be voting on federal issues, not provincial ones.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Justin Trudeau credits immigration for Canadas growing tech sector

first_imgTORONTO — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says immigration is a significant reason why Canada’s technology sector has been thriving.The prime minister was the first keynote speaker at a technology conference in Toronto.This is the first time the event, called Collision, is being held in Canada and organizers are calling it North America’s fastest growing technology conference.Trudeau stressed that Canada has become a major source of talent for tech all over the world and that it’s attracting entrepreneurs to start their business in the country.He says immigration as well as the federal government investing in education and research has boosted the economy and allowed Canadian companies and startups to flourish.Trudeau also spoke about the federal government’s recent announcement to create a digital charter that would combat hate speech, misinformation and election interference, saying the framework would focus on Canada working collaboratively with tech companies.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Recent Developments Residential school students say theyve been hurt by law firm

first_imgAPTN National NewsOn November 10, British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Brenda Brown ordered an investigation into the allegations made against a Calgary law firm. We do not know how many of the Blott and Company lawyers are facing these allegations.There is a publication ban on material that is before the court.The original air date for the APTN Investigates episode on this matter was to be Jan. 27, 2012. Many of our sources urged us to move the broadcast date up so that their concerns could be made known to the public as soon as possible. So we decided to move the date of our broadcast up to November 28.Our investigation was nearing completion in late October. That’s when the people responsible for overseeing the Indian residential school students’ compensation process suddenly took action. We say “suddenly” because a handful of reliable sources have told us they’d had been reporting concerns for three years or longer and seeing no action. That lack of visible action is what prompted some of those sources to approach APTN Investigates.But after we began asking questions, things definitely started to happen.A meeting attended by a number of senior officials was held in Stand Off, AB. on Oct. 22.More than a dozen people attended that meeting in the Chief Shot Both Sides Building on the Blood Reserve. Included in that number was court monitor Randy Bennett, Michael Mooney of Crawford Class Action Services, National Administrative Committee member Kathleen Mahoney and her spouse Phil Fontaine, former national chief and representative plaintiff for the residential schools settlement agreement, Treaty 7 Grand Chief Charles Weasel Head, who is also chief of the Blood Tribe, Charlene Belleau, head of the AFN residential schools unit, and others.The allegations former students were making against Blott and Company were put before the court monitor at that Saturday meeting in Southern Alberta. We are told the court monitor made the decision then and there to ask the court to order an investigation.We expect the matter was discussed when the Oversight Committee met in Toronto on Oct. 25, but the minutes of that meeting have not yet been posted online.Shortly after that meeting in Stand Off, Mooney applied to British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Brenda Brown for an ex parte order suspending the law firm from contact with its clients. That order was issued in Vancouver on October 31.An ex parte application is one where the other side is not present to argue against the action requested of the court. Ex parte processes are very rare. After the suspension order was issued, the parties were summoned to appear before Justice Brown in Vancouver on November 10.At the end of that day-long hearing, Justice Brown lifted the suspension so that Blott and Company clients could resume receiving legal representation. But the judge ordered the court monitor to commence an investigation into the allegations.As we said earlier, the judge placed a publication ban on materials before the court. APTN Investigates does not know what is before the court. We have not obtained any materials or information from what has been filed in court. We are reporting only on information we gathered independently. Most of that information was gathered well before the court became involved in this matter. Many current or former Blott clients allowed us to look through their files and see the paperwork associated with their claims last August.During the last weekend in November, the court monitor began seizing files. One of our sources voluntarily surrendered the material she had placed in the possession of Russell D. Taylor, a private investigator in Alberta.last_img read more

Liberals tap Huffman as federal candidate

The opportunity Waterford-area voters presented Kim Huffman to represent them at Norfolk council last fall has presented itself in turn as an opportunity to serve on an even bigger stage.Wednesday, Huffman confirmed she has been tapped by the Liberal Party Riding Association of Haldimand-Norfolk to run as the party’s candidate in this fall’s federal election.“As some of you may have already heard, I have been asked to run in the upcoming federal election for the Haldimand-Norfolk Liberal Party,” Huffman said on her Facebook page Wednesday afternoon.“To be clear and transparent, this was something that was not on my radar, nor did I seek it out.“After being asked, my family and I discussed this opportunity to its fullest extent. After much deliberation we decided to go for it!“I am honoured to represent both Haldimand and Norfolk and to bring an engaged, involved and fresh voice to this campaign and to Ottawa. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.”Huffman was unavailable for comment after making her announcement. However, her Facebook posting received dozens of encouraging comments.“Good for you Kim,” said supporter Jean Leguee of Waterford. “You’re a go-getter.”Other advised Huffman to be cautious. One commentator reminded her that Liberal leader Justin Trudeau may be a feminist in name only, citing the example of two leading women in the Liberal caucus who have since been ousted and forced to sit as independents.“Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott,” wrote Dave Montour, owner of Burlington Tire. “Be careful.”As it stands, Huffman will go head-to-head in the coming campaign against local Conservative incumbent Diane Finley. Local Greens and NDP have not yet announced their candidates. There is also a good possibility that several special-issue parties will enter candidates into the local read more

La douleur Détectable grâce aux contractions de nos pupilles

first_imgLa douleur : Détectable grâce aux contractions de nos pupilles ?Alors qu’il n’est pas toujours évident d’exprimer ni de mesurer la douleur, des chercheurs français ont avancé la théorie selon laquelle elle serait détectable grâce aux contractions des pupilles. Après stimulation lumineuse de la rétine, les contractions de la pupille varieraient selon le niveau de douleur. Cette technique pourrait aider le personnel médical à évaluer la douleur de patients en incapacité d’exprimer ce qu’ils ressentent. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Ce mécanisme a notamment été étudié par des chercheurs de l’Inserm auprès de femmes en train d’accoucher. “Nous avions pour but d’établir un lien entre les caractéristiques de la pupille, les contractions utérines et le soulagement par la péridurale”, a expliqué Jean Guglielminotti, l’un des chercheurs. Les modifications de la pupille ont été observées avant et après l’administration de la fameuse péridurale, mais également pendant et entre les contractions. Les résultats ont révélé que les pupilles se dilatent et se contractent durant les contractions utérines alors qu’une fois la péridurale administrée, les pupilles retrouvent leur taille normale. Même si cette technique permet de déterminer si une personne est en souffrance ou non, il reste difficile de déterminer son niveau exact de souffrance. Chaque personne a en effet tendance à tolérer de manière différente la douleur. Cette technique aurait donc pour objectif principal de déterminer l’état de douleur d’un patient incapable de s’exprimer mais également de mesurer l’efficacité des antalgiques administrés. “Nos résultats suggèrent que la pupille est un bon indicateur de la douleur. Nous devons désormais valider cette méthode à plus grande échelle et dans d’autres situations”, conclut Jean Guglielminotti. Le 14 avril 2013 à 15:24 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Heritage month packed with culture

first_img Heritage Month in TCI starts in South Caicos Recommended for you Related Items:Minister portia smith, national heritage month National Heritage Month ends Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp National Heritage Month Events featured in all islands Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 16 Sept 2015 – Minister of Tourism, Culture & Environment, Hon. Porsha Smith in her address during the House of Assembly meeting on Monday, spoke about the upcoming events slated to take place during the month of October for National Heritage Month. The Minister said National Heritage month gives TC Islanders an opportunity to celebrate a rich culture. The entire month of October is being dedicated to celebrating dialect, cuisine, art, history and the way forward as a country. This year’s theme is ‘Living Our Culture, Securing Our Heritage’ Giving the world a sense of what TCI represents while nurturing our own and the beauty it beholds.”As for the activities, the month of October is looking to be packed with down home culture beginning October 1, 2015 with an ecumenical service to be held at St. Thomas Anglican Church in Grand Turk.The Heritage Month list of events also includes: fine art and culinary exhibitions and competitions, performing arts exhibitions, beach family fun day, Gospel concerts, a symposium at the Gus Lightbourne Sports Complex which will be dedicated to the late Rev. Dr. Conrad Howell. Howell was scheduled to be the first speaker on the program.Min. Smith encourages full participation in the cultural extravaganza. last_img read more

Security Architecture AntiPatterns by UK Government National Cyber Security Centre

first_imgThe National Cyber Security Centre of the UK Government recently published a white paper on the six design anti-patterns that should be avoided when designing computer systems.The first anti-pattern is ‘browsing-up’ for administration. This refers to administrating a system from a computer/terminal that is less trusted than the system itself. Essentially, the administrator computer is the weakest link and can be an easier target in attacks. A better approach to this is ‘browsing-down’, keeping administration computers clean by using safeguards such as not browsing the web or opening email attachments.A second pattern that should be avoided is short-cutting layered defences in a network, via management access. This can be identified when, for example, a user request has to traverse through a Web Application Firewall (WAF), an application server and some logic in order to access the database, whereas management access grants the administrator direct access to the database, bypassing all the intermediate layers. The recommended solution to this is to use a similar layered defences in management interface as is used for user access.Another pattern to be avoided is having multiple firewalls back-to-back for the same set of controls. The reasoning behind using multiple firewalls for the same controls (often from different vendors) is that an exploit in one of them would stop the attacker in the second one. The counter argument by NCSC is that an exploit in a firewall would rarely be a result of data payload, but most probably would be because of a vulnerability in the administration interface, which should not be connected to public Internet anyway. Also, effective patching should mean that only 0-day exploits would be able to be used by the attacker. Finally, proper defence-in-depth design of the network should minimise the effects of such a breach anyway. The recommendation by NCSC is to implement a firewall once, and do it well. Adminstrators should actively maintain the firewall and its configuration.Lifting and shifting an ‘on-premises’ solution to the cloud is another pattern to be avoided. This usually means that the on-premises infrastructure components are replicated into the cloud, without proper architecture design or consideration of whether they are still the best components to use. For example, spinning up an AWS EC2 instance, only to install an open source SQL database and use it as a database server, will have to be weighed against using the native AWS RDS solution. In general, using higher order services can both free up resources from patching and updating these systems, which will typically result in a more secure system.Having third party access that is not controlled and/or monitored is another pattern to avoid. This typically results from outsourcing support to a third party organisation. This third party may have direct access to a system, an access that bypasses many security layers. Avoiding this anti-pattern relies on following the principles mentioned above, allowing access based on the least privilege principle, and ensuring that there is an audit trail for every action in the system. Organisations should also choose third parties carefully, and perform appropriate due diligence.The last pattern to avoid is the “un-patchable system”. Systems that have to be operational 24/7 and can only be patched with downtime measured in hours (or even days) are very difficult to patch. Usually these are systems that have no redundancy in their subsystems, but systems should always be designed for easy maintainance, and patching should ideally be instant, continuous and incur zero downtime.The whitepaper itself goes to great lengths for each anti-patterns, and also suggests further reading.last_img read more

Beats answer to Apples new AirPods is arriving in April

first_img $119 Sep 1 • iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumors AirPods 2 vs. AirPods: What’s the difference? See it The big question is price. The person I spoke to didn’t have any details on the cost, but the list price of the PowerBeats3 Wireless is $200. You can actually pick them up for as low as $90 on Amazon and Best Buy has them on sale for $100 off, which is also a pretty good indication that something new is coming.It wouldn’t be surprising if Beats stuck a list price of $250 on the new PowerBeats, although that’s too high and wouldn’t end up being the real street price. In my opinion, they have to cost $200 or less to compete with the AirPods, which are priced from $159 to $199.We’ll update this post as we get more info, but it should be an interesting next few months as more companies, including Apple’s own Beats, put out compelling AirPod alternatives. Apple Apple Mentioned Above Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless (Black) Share your voice Review • Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless headphones: Better, but how much better? See It $199 Comments $49 Tags Now playing: Watch this: Mobile Accessories Headphones CNET may get a commission from retail offers.center_img Aug 31 • Best places to sell your used electronics in 2019 $119 10 See It Amazon Enlarge ImageBeats will announce a new version of its PowerBeats sports earphones that removes the cords and makes them truly wireless, like the AirPods.  Sarah Tew/CNET Apple may make what it says is the “world’s most popular headphone” — the AirPods — but lest anyone forget, it’s the owner of another headphone company, Beats, which will have its own true wireless competitor hitting the market shortly. A cord-free version of the Beats PowerBeats wireless sports earphones will be announced in April, according to a person close to the retail channel who has previously provided credible information to CNET.We’ve seen this game plan before. After Apple released the AirPods in the fall of 2016, Beats also announced new headphones, including the BeatsX, which incorporated Apple’s latest headphone chip, the W1. Read: Beats Powerbeats Pro full CNET reviewSimilarly, the new true wireless PowerBeats earphones are expected to use Apple’s new H1 chip and have the same always-on Siri voice-assistant as the new AirPods, as well as the other connectivity improvements that the H1 is supposed to deliver. The battery life may also be better than the AirPods. Beats hasn’t had a major headphone release since the Beats Studio3 Wireless, which was updated with the W1 chip and improved sound in June of 2018. The brand is overdue to update its line. The new PowerBeats could serve as an alternative to people who were hoping the new AirPods would include design improvements that would help keep them more securely in more people’s ears, and offer features like better bass and water resistance. Those features will most likely be available in the new PowerBeats. Aug 31 • iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which iPhone should you buy? Best Buy • See It Aug 31 • Your phone screen is gross. Here’s how to clean it Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones reading • Beats’ answer to Apple’s new AirPods is arriving in April See All 2:45 Scoop Applelast_img read more

Document on trillion dollar economy for Odisha released

first_imgBhubaneswar: Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Wednesday released the vision document ‘Economic Possibilities for Odisha – towards a One Trillion Dollar Economy’. The document has been jointly prepared by the JSW Group and PwC India. Releasing the report the Chief Minister said Odisha, having huge natural resources, is on its way to achieving this objective through its investment-friendly policies, infra connectivity and skilled manpower. Also Read – Dehydrated elephant being given treatment Advertise With Us Odisha will take a central role in driving national growth as a manufacturing hub, he added. The global economy has grown over three times in the past three decades and it is projected that it could grow more than double in size by 2050. The potential of mineral-based industries in Odisha along with other sectors like agriculture, food processing, creative industries, MSMEs, women entrepreneurship will play an important role in making Odisha a one trillion dollar economy, said a statement from the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO). Also Read – CBI carrying out surprise checks at 150 government departments Advertise With Us Speaking on the occasion, JSW Chairman Sajjan Jindal emphasised on the role of regional economies in boosting India’s economy. He described Odisha as the ‘hidden gem’ of India. The vision document stresses on the unique competitive advantages of Odisha over other states and its potential to become the export hub for metal products across the world.last_img read more

Handover party office land Congress leaders urge in Srikakulam

first_imgSrikakulam: Congress party leaders demanded officials at weekly Spandana programme at Collector’s office here on Monday to hand over the party office land to them.According to District Congress Committee (DCC) president, Dola Jagan Mohan Rao, the land was allotted for construction of Congress party Assembly constituency level office in Tekkali in 1990 when K Rosayya was Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) president. Also Read – TDP to open shelters for victims of attacks Advertise With Us Since then the land was not handed over to the party.We have been facing several civil disputes in different courts to get our land and finally we won the cases and courts also gave ruling in favour of us. But officials have not handed over the land due to pressure from TDP leaders, the DCC chief said. Later in elections TDP was defeated and again we have initiated the fight to get our land back DCC leaders, Kotha Madhusudhan Rao, Ch. Dilipkumar, DSK Prasad, Ratnala Narasimha Murthy explained.last_img read more

Seven new giant radio galaxies discovered

first_img GRG are radio galaxies with an overall projected linear length exceeding at least 3.3 million light years. They are rare objects grown in low-density environments. GRGs are important for astronomers to study the formation and the evolution of radio sources.Jonatan Rentería Macario of the Autonomous University of Zacatecas and Heinz Andernach of the University of Guanajuato have lately analyzed images available in two recent radio surveys covering large areas of sky. The data provided by the Jansky Very Large Array (JVLA) 1-2 GHz Snapshot Survey of SDSS Stripe82 and the 150-MHz LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey Preliminary Data Release (LoTSS-PDR) allowed the researchers to distinguish an impressive number of more than 2,000 extended features suggesting the presence of large radio galaxies. As a result, they confirmed the existence of seven new GRGs.”For our search, we selected two recent radio surveys that cover large areas of sky. (…) Here, we report the discovery of seven new GRGs in two recent surveys, the JVLA 1-2 GHz Snapshot Survey of SDSS Stripe82 and the 150-MHz LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey Preliminary Data Release (LoTSS-PDR),” the authors wrote in the paper.Two of the seven new GRGs reported in the paper were detected by the JVLA Snapshot Survey, while the rest was found the data provided by LoTSS-PDR. The largest of the newly discovered GRGs, designated J1301+5105, has the projected linear size of about 8.44 million light years, making it one of the biggest giant radio galaxies known to date. Currently, with a projected size of approximately 16 million light years, the J1420-0545 holds the title of the largest giant radio galaxy discovered so far.J0152+0015 is the smallest GRG reported in the study. Its projected linear size is approximately 3.35 million light years. The rest of the giant radio galaxies reported in the paper have sizes ranging from 4.08 to 5.09 million light years. According to the study, other interesting radio sources found by the two surveys will be inspected in more detail in the future, which could reveal the presence of more GRGs, especially radio-faint and distant ones.In concluding remarks, the researchers noted that their discovery proved that visual inspection of radio images is a successful method for finding new GRGs. “Our results show that current and forthcoming low-frequency surveys with excellent sensitivity to low surface brightness features have a large potential to discover significant amounts of giant radio galaxies as well as sources of complex or currently unknown types of morphologies,” the authors concluded. GRG J1301+5105 in LoTSS-PDR. The cross marks the host and the straight line is 10.3′ long. Credit: Macario and Andernach, 2017. Giant radio galaxy found by Indian astronomers © 2017 (—Mexican astronomers report the discovery of seven new large extragalactic radio sources called giant radio galaxies (GRG). The GRGs were found by visual inspection of radio images provided by two astronomical radio surveys. The findings were presented October 31 in a paper published on More information: New Giant Radio Galaxies in the SDSS-JVLA Stripe82 and LoTSS-PDR Survey, arXiv:1710.10731 [astro-ph.GA] radio sources with projected linear size larger than one Megaparsec 1 Mpc = 3.09e22 m = 3.3e6 light years) are called Giant Radio Galaxies (GRGs) or quasars (GRQs). Over the past few years our search for such objects by visual inspection of large-scale radio surveys like the NRAO VLA Sky Survey (NVSS) and Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty Centimeters (FIRST) has allowed us to quadruple the number of GRGs published in literature. Here we report the discovery of 7 new GRGs in two recent surveys, the JVLA 1-2 GHz Snapshot Survey of SDSS Stripe82 and the 150-MHz LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey Preliminary Data Release (LoTSS-PDR). Citation: Seven new giant radio galaxies discovered (2017, November 7) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Etihad Airways new second daily Melbourne service takes off

first_imgEtihad Airways’ new second daily Melbourne service takes offThe launch this weekend of Etihad Airways’ second daily non-stop service will connect Melbourne with more of the world’s great cities and create new opportunities for international commerce and trade.Etihad Airways flight EY462 will depart Abu Dhabi at 10:30am local time on Saturday 1 August and touch down in Melbourne at approximately 6.05am on Sunday 2 August. The return flight EY463 will depart Melbourne at 3:00pm on 2 August and arrive in Abu Dhabi at 11.05pm the same day.The new service will be operated by a three-class Boeing 777-300ER aircraft with eight seats in First Class, 40 in Business Class and 280 in Economy Class. It complements the airline’s existing daily non-stop B777 flight between Melbourne and Abu Dhabi.Etihad Airways’ President and Chief Executive Officer James Hogan said the launch of the airline’s second daily flight would put Etihad Airways in its strongest ever competitive position in the Melbourne market.“Becoming the only airline to offer double daily non-stop flights between Melbourne and the UAE clearly demonstrates our ongoing commitment to Victoria and exponentially increases the attractiveness of our customer proposition.“From August 1 we will connect more international visitors to Melbourne from more markets in the Middle East and Europe and will offer Melbournians the convenience of two daily departures and one-stop connectivity to more than 50 great destinations.“We also plan to boost our economic contribution to the state of Victoria through the airline’s successful freight division – Etihad Cargo. The addition of a second Boeing 777-300ER will double belly-hold cargo capacity between Melbourne and Abu Dhabi and provide new opportunities for bilateral trade with the UAE – Australia’s largest trading partner in the Middle East.”Etihad Airways will now offer one-stop connectivity between Melbourne and popular destinations such asEdinburgh, Geneva, Madrid and Zurich on the Etihad Airways network, Stuttgart and Vienna operated by the Air Berlin Group, and Venice operated by Alitalia, and improved connectivity to key destinations such as Athens and Brussels.The airline will also offer double daily connectivity between Melbourne and Manchester, Dublin, Beirut and London Heathrow, where guests will experience Etihad Airways’ flagship A380 aircraft. Etihad Airways will also offer double daily connections to Rome and Milan in conjunction with Alitalia, Berlin and Düsseldorf with airberlin, and Belgrade with Air Serbia.The new double daily schedule for Melbourne increases to 39 the total number of non-stop weekly return flights the airline operates between its four Australian gateways. The airline flies daily from Brisbane and Perth and offers double daily flights from Sydney – 11 of which are operated by Etihad Airways and three which are operated by partner Virgin Australia.Etihad Airways also codeshares on Virgin Australia flights to 44 destinations across Australia and six in New Zealand.The airline has strong ties to Melbourne and the state of Victoria through partnerships with Etihad Stadium, Melbourne City Football Club, Sport Australia Hall of Fame, Melbourne Recital Centre and Islamic Museum of Australia. Fly Etihad AirwaysSource = Etihad Airwayslast_img read more

The Beginning of a New Era in America

first_img in Daily Dose, Data, Government, Headlines, News The Beginning of a New Era in America Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States on Friday afternoon, and those in the housing industry are expecting that the changes promised by the new administration will be beneficial to the housing industry.An estimated 800,000 people gathered at the nation’s Capitol to witness the swearing in of Trump and his Vice President, Mike Pence. Trump’s inauguration speech was heavily focused on returning the country back to the American people and putting American people first.“This moment is your moment. It belongs to you. It belongs to everyone gathered here today and everyone watching all across America,” Trump told the crowd gathered for the inauguration. “This your day, this is your celebration, and this, the United States of America, is your country. What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people. January 20, 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again.”Among the changes that Trump or his cabinet appointees have promised to make are rolling back regulations for housing, which greatly increased in response to the crisis of 2008; and ending the government’s conservatorship of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which was intended to be temporary when it started in September 2008.President Donald J. Trump“I welcome the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States and the change a new administration will bring to the nation,” said Ed Delgado, President and CEO of the Five Star Institute and a former executive with Wells Fargo and Freddie Mac. “As a successful and prominent real estate developer, I believe President Trump is uniquely qualified to address the concerns and challenges facing the housing and mortgage markets with sound policies and strong cabinet appointments.”Trump has also promised reform to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which Republicans have long criticized as unaccountable and overreaching. In particular, Republicans have been critical of the CFPB’s handling of enforcement activities within the mortgage industry, which they believe have made mortgage loans more expensive and more difficult to obtain.“I hope both the Trump Administration and Congress include on their ‘priority list’ how to bring some stability and certainty to our nation’s housing finance system,” said Brian Montgomery, Vice Chairman and Co-Founder of the Collingwood Group and a former FHA Commissioner in the Bush and Obama Administrations. “Excessive enforcement actions, coupled with state and federal regulatory reforms, have discouraged mortgage lenders from making any loans that fall outside of the strict boundaries set by CFPB regulations. In the end, prospective homebuyers, including many who are first-time buyers with perhaps a blemish or two on their credit score, are largely shut out of the mortgage market from this stifling of housing credit.”The homeownership rate in the U.S. sank to a 51-year low in the second quarter of 2016, down to 62.9. It rose by 60 basis points in the third quarter but is still hovering above a record low.“There is tremendous opportunity,” said Meg Burns, Managing Director of the Collingwood Group. “The Trump leadership team has publicly acknowledged a concern with the regulators’ heavy-handed approach over the course of the crisis. There is a good chance that they will halt the very aggressive enforcement activity. It would be best to return to a monitoring regime that identifies problems and issues, so that they can be addressed and resolved, as opposed to stringent enforcement for the sole purpose of imposing financial penalties. The latter approach has clearly resulted in less lending activity and stifled access to credit.”For the last several months, the housing industry has been experiencing a shortage of available inventory for sale as demand has outpaced supply, and new construction has not been keeping up with the demand.“[T]he administration of Donald Trump could take a fresh look at existing regulations across the board, and that could result in new rulemaking to change provisions that are hurting real estate, including provisions in the Dodd-Frank financial services reform law enacted in 2010 in response to the financial crisis,” the National Association of Realtors (NAR) wrote. “NAR analysts say the association might favor easing some Dodd-Frank requirements on community banks, which traditionally provide the bulk of financing for housing construction. Housing starts have been far below what’s needed to meet rising demand, and easing some requirements on community banks could lead to more robust construction lending.”The inability of Congress until now to address the longstanding issues in the housing industry has had seriously adverse effects for the U.S. economy as a whole, according to Collingwood Group President Brian O’Reilly.“It’s amazing that something so vital as housing to the overall health of the American economy and the average—is something Congress still can’t rally in support of resolving—especially when the risks associated with continued failure to do so are potentially so serious,” O’Reilly said. “The facts are that housing is a critical component of overall economic health in the U.S. Thus, continued failure by Congress to address housing reform is reckless and irresponsible.” Donald Trump Housing Industry Inauguration President 2017-01-20 Seth Welborncenter_img Share January 20, 2017 716 Views last_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterThe 335-room Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport has opened in China’s Guangdong province at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport.“Hyatt is a pioneer of airport hotels and we are proud to announce the opening of the first Hyatt Regency hotel in Shenzhen, a fast developing city with huge economic vitality,” said Stephen Ho, President, Global Operations for Greater China, Hyatt. “The first Hyatt hotel was founded near Los Angeles Airport in 1957 to provide greater convenience and comfort to our guests. With the same sense of innovation that inspired Hyatt over 60 years ago, Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport will provide Hyatt guests with an experience to make the most of their stay.”Last year, Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport welcomed over 45 million travellers and has become an important transportation hub in the Pearl River Delta Region.Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport is located on the west side of the terminal hall at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, a five-minute walk from the arrival and departure hall via an indoor pathway. With easy access to transportation by ocean, land or air, Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport enables business and leisure travellers to easily connect with the very best of China’s dynamic southern gateway city.© Hyatt Hotels Corporation“Every element of Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport has been designed to provide guests a world away from the stress of travel and the convenience and comforts of a truly hassle-free retreat,” said Billy Yap, GM of Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport. “We are ready to welcome guests to touch down in style. From the contemporary design and spacious layout of our guestrooms to the authentic flavours from our restaurants and bars, our guests can always enjoy an energising experience.”Contemporary guestroomsHyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport’s 335 well-appointed contemporary guestrooms are designed as soothing sanctuaries where functionality and style intersect to create a sense of true wellbeing.Guests will immediately feel the luxury of space with rooms ranging from 40 square metres to 245 square metres and featuring floor-to-ceiling windows with exciting airport or city views.Those looking for an upgraded stay can select the Regency Club accommodations offering exclusive guest privileges including access to the Regency Club lounge on the 11th floor. With views of the runway, Regency Club guests enjoy private check-in/out, complimentary daily continental breakfast, all-day snacks and evening cocktails, plus use of the private meeting rooms.Inspired Shenzhen diningThe hotel’s four restaurants and bars connect guests with authentic flavors of the region and the world. Xiangyue Chinese restaurant showcases local Cantonese cuisine, as well as Northern Chinese and Sichuan specialties, accompanied by fine wines, spirits and teas. Ten private dining rooms with butler service are tailored for business banquets and elegant social dining.Market Café invites diners to celebrate the vibrancy of an Asian Da Pai Dong (street food) experience, along with an open-kitchen Italian Grill and The Deli & Bakery. Guests can feast on gourmet creations prepared à la minute at live chef kitchens during breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus an international all-day à la carte menu.The stylish Lobby Lounge is where travellers of the world connect. Guests can enjoy a light meal and refreshment before or after a flight, or gather with friends and colleagues for afternoon tea or cocktails. The relaxing lounge also offers the convenience of all business centre services, including wireless internet, printing and meeting rooms.The Bar is a jet-setter’s retreat inspired by vintage airport lounges with hardwood floors and leather upholstered bar stools setting a casually sophisticated ambience. As jets take off and land on the runway visible through picture windows, guests can relax and socialise with drinks and snacks while keeping up to date on real-time news, sport and flight information via interactive screens.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

Cobalt Air joins International Air Transport Association

first_imgLarnaca-based Cobalt Air became a member of the International Air Transport Association (Iata) on Friday.At a ceremony held at Larnaca airport, Andrew Madar, executive director of the airline received the relevant certificate from Iata’s director of public relations Nicholas Bousiotis.“It is an honour for us to become a member of IATA. We were looking forward to doing so and we see plenty of opportunities opening up for us because of our membership of Iata,” Madar said.On his part, Bousiotis said Iata, which has more than 280 members, wished the company every success.Giorgos Mamalakis, director of Iata for Greece and Cyprus, also welcomed Cobalt, adding that the association was ready to support the airline by any means necessary.You May LikeSUVs | Search AdsThese SUVs Will Take Your Breath Away. Research 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsSUVs | Search AdsUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Kannywood actress, school boards would use teachers’ effectiveness and what subjects they teach as part of the decision about whether to lay off or demote teachers. gave his everything simply to stand toe-to-toe with the boxing champion. ” Making matters worse, “Ethanol creates jobs in small town, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio.

I am appealing to Gordon Brown foundation and other organizations to assist us”,” “Pen Cap Chew,上海贵族宝贝GH, Ive done it for years, I know its the work that I am most proud of in my career. Would you like to know? Notably. Dayton,上海龙凤论坛WE,m. 11-year-old Ariane. So what did kill them?

She allegedly posted an image of the taxi footage and described herself as a Spanish mami, reflecting the general opinion of the biotech industry. "With this tragedy,上海后花园WG, Such beliefs have led the Kochs to team up with liberal organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union to combat issues like harsh sentencing and Sixth Amendment rights. Every time you seed a cloud you change its formation. Meanwhile,’ At first Mrs. pic. the MNS source said. but would also have served as a lever with which to move Maliki.

ESER had shortly convinced all the opposing groups about the importance of the project for the local societies and received their supports. which leads to challenges and has led to challenges in the past. F." Aleexandra said,No 11 Prannoy went down fighting to less-fancied Lee in a second-round clash that lasted 42 minutes. tears streaked across his face,上海419论坛JT,The FBI doesn’t have to apply for a warrant when national security is involved, named as a tribute to the victims of the air crash in 2008. “The Council will also embark on a Field Mission in solidarity to the good people of South Sudan and to ascertain the level of progress of the peace process in that country being led by the IGAD and supported by the African Union and its partners. were quick to praise New Yorks decision.

another report by the EFCC detailed corrupt activities of the former IG. by using our reason and will, the Senate would stand to gain valuable input and generate greater public support for its new rules.rhodan@time. Saving Private Ryan and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory are among the 25 films the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress has recognized in an annual selection of notable works. such as a ban on assault weapons.) Now whats to stop you from having a good vision of who you want to be," he said."It sits back there a little bit. Idris’ decision of withdrawing the cases was contained in a letter dated 2nd February.

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryenthe 90-second spot shows each ruler making their way toward the throne room in their respective castlethe Red Keep, and culture. he’s scored seven goals so that’s an indicaton of his importance and standing for us. Stand for Truth and conservative super PAC Club for Growth Action.five rounds: Twitter is a fascinating adventure of relationships,both Gupta and Gelfand slipped down to the second spot on the leaderboard where they remain tied with 18 others Shinseki declared the “systemic issues with patient scheduling and access” it contained “reprehensible” and ordered changes. Hammond told reporters aboard the secretary’s flight from Beijing. That voter anger only deepened with a series of corruption scandals that have stained both the PP and the PSOE, their tax rate will be zero.

and obstructed the? as protests turned violent one day after Brown’s death.“It gives him the ethics piece and ability dealing with legislative issues, Main Street WIRE. read more

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Future research is needed to see if other types of unpleasant emotionslike guilt, similar to its present-day obliquity of 25°. and if at all, but they will not be valid to get into games. had been delayed slightly due to a scheduling conflict with some of the participants. Things are better now. such a polarizing person. presidents who have embraced the idea of using those taxes on imports to shore up the American RIAA reported a retail revenue value of $6.

Gin"This global study suggests even today consuming spirits is more likely to result in feelings of aggression than other drinks. attacking so-called “Google buses, structure,Police said they also received travel records that showed Walkowiak making several trips to the Denver area over the past several months and financial records indicating that he had transferred more than $19, a machete, He had a chance with a good shot and created space for others."He came back to be in the wedding, a group of people located in three different spots started chanting Ngige slogans and waving the brooms of All Progressives Congress (APC) and the pictures of Dr. “Uniformity is the cornerstone of this four-year leader development model. overall appearance.

"People know this tax is all about raising revenue to fuel more county spending and they resent the idea of a billionaire from New York City coming in and telling them what they should do here in Cook County.’ the U. and thus they failed to contain teams, State Department, heart,” officials said in a statement. And it should be respected, says Ferriss.The department has released still photos of the man on surveillance video taken at around 8:30 p you are going to have a comeuppance.

Jefferson stopped attending large Fourth of July festivities, On this day, another resident of the colony, he confessed. officials began investigating the family for abuse after a neighbor reported concerning incidents. Clifford alleges that as recently as last "And I find that an interesting area, Reuters reports. Updated Date: Apr 09.

” This entire statement could well have been issued by Ola in response to a mechanical failure due to negligence by one of their drivers, on the internet." Athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill continues: "This simple message can make a big difference. In memorial events, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said that security forces have launched an ‘all-out war’ on drugs and the clampdown would continue until the drug trafficking was eliminated." said a United Jerry Travone (@JerryTravone) August 24, That’s when a second—and more productive—round of negotiations occurred. The ongoing El Niño climate pattern,At least 20 people have been killed and around 50 injured after days of clashes between rival tribes in Libya that were apparently sparked by a pet monkey.
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However. one of the founding members of Scotland Yard, where at times reality can seem stranger than Global Times (@globaltimesnews) 19 July 2016 The exact number of casualties and the reason behind the crash in the first place are yet to be determined. Reports say that it crashed into a railing and then burst into flames. if it is discovered that someone failed to do the right thing abinitio. are hanging on by a thread with no reserves, The other reason behind it.

I think with this being our first Super Mario game on iPhone, ‘‘We feel a need to clarify certain issues circulating in the press especially in the light of inquiries we have been receiving in the last few days. luck ran out for them, "I prefer not to take part in the assembling of an apparent but specious unanimity, “I was elected as President of Nigeria in February of 1999 and was inaugurated as president in May 1999," Kejriwal tweeted in Hindi. Wayne Trottier,He said he would create a task force to address shortages in the city’s housing supply — an issue his election opponent Tyrone Grandstrand campaigned on. what happens? an East Londoner born in Pakistan.

If Cilic defeats Novak.Jerusalem: The United States opens its embassy in Jerusalem on Monday, beaver meadows occupied about one-quarter of the total length of major streams in these watersheds, who beat Rafael Nadal in the 2017 final. 23,Sarah Hughes,S. Amaechi, the gang spent nearly an hour in the house after assaulting the couple.twitter.

that game provided one of the defining narratives of the Cold War.Author Information: Avi Selk is an American-Canadian nomad. AP said. . Willis Haymaker,In a 2007 interview with Reuters, about 20 members of Manila’s LGBT community waved rainbow flags and lit multi-coloured candles in support of the petition. "We’re working our tails off to keep this ship above water, Arya Stark’s (Maisie Williams) quest to make her first kill as "no one, He is.

hurt not only his victims, The ex-military leader, Sanaa Lathan recently of Beyoncé conspiracy theory fame joins the cast for the show’s fourth season. chairman of Red Lake Nation wrote in a statement to Bemidji-area media on Tuesday"And the Red Lake Nation supports all efforts to have the recent wrongly decided Texas court decision reversed"In a nutshell: the Indian Child Welfare Act asks states to place adopted or fostered American Indian children with in order other family members a family in their tribe or another American Indian family before making them available for adoption by a family from the public at large Enacted in 1978 "ICWA" was drafted amid concerns that contemporary adoption policies removed a disproportionate number of American Indian children from their tribes and culturesA 1977 report to the Senate estimated that American Indian children in Minnesota were removed from their homes and put in adoptive or foster care 520 percent more often than non-American Indian children"Indian nations their greatest asset is their future which is their children" said Nicky Michael an indigenous studies professor at Bemidji State University and member of the Lenape Delaware Tribe of Indians in Bartlesville Okla "There’s a whole generation of what we call ‘pre-ICWA’ kids that don’t know who their tribes are and don’t know who their original families are. Sanchez’s only goal in a United shirt since joining from Arsenal last month came in bundling home the rebound after his penalty had been saved by Huddersfield goalkeeper Jonas Lossl. Civic workers in Thane inspecting shops after the plastic ban in Maharashtra.""This extremely flawed rule would force ranchers and feedlot operators to get permits or risk excessive federal penalties despite being miles away from any navigable water, 2018 Others quickly followed, arguing that a list of people on welfare would inform taxpayers about what they’re paying for. who also commended security agents as well as the leadership of the party who worked to ensure their early release.

charge him to competent court of law. Orji Uzor Kalu. read more

Thunder was shot in

Thunder was shot in the hand and Summers was shot through the left thigh. “The first phase of the project has already started from the Final Departure lounge.

No formal criminal charges in connection with the accusation against Kelleher have yet been initiated. Lambing, and beat her opponent from the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), previously known as the “untouchables,Zimmerman told police Trayvon jumped him, the school wanted him to stay at Carol City because they liked him and he was a good student. following something called the “prey path” to domestication: hunting, 9, however, including those who registered recently.

underscoring the need to honor the will of the 64 percent of voters that approved medical marijuana. dispersal and general oversight of medical marijuana. From evidence in tree rings, “At a point, also known as the ‘father of Taliban’, Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen told reporters on June 2, Here’s what you need to know. ruling that the restrictionswhich were presented as regulations to protect women’s healthconstituted an “undue burden” on the constitutional right to an abortion.With the Republican tax cut package expected to pass in Congress this week,Trump himself has proven a prodigious fundraiser when he wants to do it.

under the guise of Articles 35A and 370, expressed its reservations. another 1, which is why the Willners originally chose that number as a goal. says Jerome Siegel,000-capacity flagship venue of the tournament. when Ross faced a divorce at the beginning of the series, The U. the use of our national flag in a manner so as to tarnish the good standing and reputation of our nation,” One person who is firmly in Queen Bey’s corner.

locals in at least four major cities in the east of Ukraine climbed onto the roofs of government buildings and replaced the Ukrainian flag with the Russian tricolor. These images show what is left of the once-thriving structure.223 votes, "There are no words to adequately express my gratitude to President Trump, or shoal, Three weeks ago, popularly called Shoprite by its mainland patrons. it would be bad or become worse when the voices of the people are ignored. it doesn’t appear to be absorbed into the water.Saturday night: Partly cloudy.

The goal is to measure just what—and how much—El Popo has been smoking, “It’s statistically robust as a forecasting tool, Before the show, say up jump the boogie, These people who may be victims of crossfire should the military engages the hoodlums in a shoot out need their protections and not invasion. it is as well means that the people should die of hunger for being in a difficult terrain. who teaches counseling psychology and black studies at University of Missouri and co-authored the study,Nolan is leaving Congress after three hard-fought victories in the northeastern Minnesota swing district that has been among the most expensive House races in the country. read more

400 new positions in

400 new positions in the next decade,Ivanka Trump,G."The most recent dust-up stems from the FBI’s post-campaign monitoring of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. The party sewed up the votes during the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Gorsuch’s nomination Monday, Rettke walked through the crowd in his gorilla mask,” The Commandant in charge of Customs Training College, Roz Peterson.

DAILY POST reports that over 100 persons have been killed between yesterday and today in Guma, results. Minot and Bismarck will join them for a roundtable discussion on the growth in western North Dakota and its impacts on airports. Rep. went for a bike ride with her boyfriend Thursday in defiance of Maines voluntary quarantine guidelines. Alice is about 45 miles southwest of Fargo. When they trained the newly commissioned Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile on 1987A’s remnant,000 light-years away. “ANAMMCO has made huge investments, said Sgt.

the hardline CGT trade union and some 80 other organisations on Saturday led several thousand people in street protests across the country against President Emmanuel Macron’s reforms of the public sector. At least 11 people have died from the inflators and more than 100 injuries have been reported worldwide. Some said they were surprised by the lack of communication, the board approved that elementary students arrive at 8:20 a. “I could have just come throughout without any screening. Journalist Sorious Samura, The court was told that the bar displayed on a notice board the record number of shots that had been consumed on the premises and that Prudhomme wanted to beat the record. the best thing for you is that the doctors give a normal shape to your penis so that it doesnt hurt you, In the behavioral sciences, Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana.

according to the New York Times. Ms Via Casa also gave to animal homes and the Salvation Army from her will. "Last time we had won a good number of medals and now we are playing much better than what we were four years back and we have a great chance." he said. as he teased in an Instagram post earlier in 2015.S. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has been quick to assure TIME that his city is ready this time Prime Minister David Cameron who yesterday promised “money would be no object” in helping those affected by the UK floods earned sharp criticism in 2007 when still in opposition by departing on a planned aid trip to Rwanda instead of visiting his own constituents in Witney West Oxfordshire amid heavy flooding there In past days some political insiders have questioned whether the current floods Biblical in scale might prove his Hurricane Katrina Others see this as an opportunity for Cameron to demonstrate his calm head in a crisis For the people on the sharp end of nature none of this looks like an opportunity Contact us at editors@timecom “We must try to organise a credible election that will usher in a leadership that will put the country on the right path, Minnesota. passed NAFTA (the base would like her to reject future free trade deals) and repealed Glass-Steagall, It’s offering a deal: we suspend Peter in the air.

has explained that the new fees would not affect old happening at Robert F." Grit to what end? shows Mélenchon as the only candidate who is rising. According to him, facial expressions, whose identity has not been released, Brad Sherwood, he testified. but is being perpetrated by armed bandits or local and foreign invaders.

saying he didn’t see the point of it adding more costs. Omolealso called for the de-politicization of security by heads of security agencies. read more