Allen looking forward to Auburn challenge

first_img VERY GRATEFUL “First, I have to give God thanks. Overall, it went well for me although it didn’t go the way I wanted it to go individually, but I went to the Under-23 Championships and the Olympic Games and did well and I am grateful for that,” Allen said. “Going to the Olympics coming just out of high school it was a great feeling. As young as I am, to be among great athletes like Asafa Powell, Yohan Blake and Usain Bolt was pretty cool.” “At first, I felt intimidated being among these great athletes you watched on television growing up and to be among their company was very special but after a while I told myself that we are all there for the same goal,” said Allen. Coach Hawthorne who also conditioned the likes of Blake and Nickeal Ashmeade during their time at St. Jago, thinks Allen is a special talent. “Nathon is very special and to achieve so much in one year at the senior level is indeed awesome. I will miss coaching him but he has taken a brave step to go overseas and I am happy for him because education is very important and I want to wish him all the best in the future,” said Hawthorne. After a fabulous season in his first year after leaving high school where he was member of Jamaica’s silver medal-winning Men’s 4x400m relay team at this year’s Olympic Games, former St Jago high quarter-miler Nathon Allen will head to the University of Auburn. He will join up with former teammate at St Jago Raheem Chambers and Kingston College duo of Akeem Bloomfield and Sherwayne Allen in a few days to start his collegiate career. Allen will be going to Auburn with a lot of experience and is full of confidence after his successful year at the senior level. The Gleaner recently caught up with the 21-year-old Allen during a training session with his high school coach Danny Hawthorne at Wolmer’s Boys’ School where Hawthorne is now the Head Track and Field Coach. “I am excited going to Auburn and joining up with people like Bloomfield and company. I cant wait and I am expecting to build on the wonderful season I had the past year as next year will be a World Championship year and it will be a different year for me in different aspects. I wont be around my family as I am used to and I am hoping that God will help me to carry through with my schoolwork and also to achieve great things in track and field,” said Allen when asked about his projections for the upcoming season. Allen, one of the youngest Jamaicans at the past Olympic Games, still holds the Olympic experience close to his heart.last_img read more

Agent plays down reports QPR are chasing £9m Atalanta ace

first_imgQPR target Giacomo Bonaventura’s agent has played down speculation linking the Italy international with a move to Loftus Road.Rangers boss Harry Redknapp has signed only one player, former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand, since securing promotion to the top-flight back in May and he is keen to bring in more face faces before the new season starts next month.Sources in Italy have suggested Redknapp is monitoring Atalanta winger Bonaventura, who has netted 12 Serie A goals over the past two seasons, while Fiorentina are also thought to be in the hunt for the Azzurri international.However, the player’s representative Giocondo Martorelli has dampened suggestions the 24-year-old is bound for west London by insisting Atalanta have not spoken of QPR’s interest in the player.“I have read about alleged interest from Queens Park Rangers [in Bonaventura], but I’ve heard from [Atalanta’s technical director Pierpaolo] Marino and he has not told me about this,” Martorelli is quoted as saying on TMW.Bonaventura, who has three years left to run on his contract at Atalanta, is valued at around £9m. Giacomo Bonaventura [right] 1last_img read more


first_imgBREAKING SPORTS NEWS: THE Ulster Council of the Ladies Gaelic Football Association has agreed to switch the venue of the Ulster final replay between Termon and Donaghmoyne.The Donegal champions were unlucky not to take the title in Clones last Sunday, the Monaghan champions equalising in seven minutes of injury time.It was announced after the game that the replay would go ahead this Saturday at the same venue, giving Donaghmoyne a second ‘home’ final. Termon Ladies appealed – and the decision has been reversed.The match will go ahead this Saturday in Trillick, Co Tyrone, with the Termon team hoping fans of ladies football throughout Donegal will go along and support them.Best of luck this Saturday ladies. Throw-in is at 2pm.   TERMON LADIES WIN VENUE SWITCH FOR ULSTER FINAL REPLAY was last modified: October 23rd, 2013 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:ClonesGaelic FootballLGFATermonTermon ladiesTrillicklast_img read more

Soft Tissue in Biggest Ever Cambrian Fossil Bonanza

first_imgChinese scientists are uncovering shale with the best-preserved Cambrian animals ever found.Welcome the Qingjiang Biota, a collection of Cambrian animal fossils that beats the famous Burgess Shale in Canada. China had already boasted a rich Cambrian bed, the Chengjiang biota. Now, Science Magazine has reported the first pictures and details from four years of research at the new treasure trove of Cambrian animals nearby. Take a look at the delicate antennae in this arthropod that resembles a shrimp:From Fig. 3, “Leanchoilia sp., showing fine anatomical details, including those of the great appendages.” Dark spots indicate soft tissue preservation.This is in shale rock, but could hardly be better preserved by amber. It looks as though the creatures was buried instantly. If not, this amount of detail would not have survived a day. Nature summarizes the context of this fossil bed, and notes the delicacy of soft-bodied creatures preserved in this fashion. What does it take to preserve details of a jellyfish, or a comb jelly?At about 518 million years of age, the fossil bed discovered in South China is slightly older than the celebrated Burgess Shale, a fossil site in the Canadian Rocky Mountains where the forms of hundreds of Cambrian animals have been immaculately preserved. Calling their assemblage the Qingjiang biota, Xingliang Zhang, at Northwest University in Xi’an, China, and his colleagues identify several algal forms and 101 types of animal — over half of which were never before described.The collection’s abundance of early pristine fossils of squishy animals, such as jellyfish, sea anemones and comb jellies, could be useful for biologists exploring early animal origins. The beds also hold unusually large species of mud dragon, or kinorhynchs; modern-day versions of these moulting invertebrates are visible only under a microscope.Mud dragons have apparently devolved from their spectacular ancestors. Previous reports showed Cambrian comb jellies with armor, unlike the squishy ones today (Evolution News, 28 July 2016). That seems to be another case of devolution.Original Soft Tissues?Of special interest are the possible soft tissues preserved. In the announcement paper in Science, “The Qingjiang biota—A Burgess Shale–type fossil Lagerstätte from the early Cambrian of South China,” the phrase “soft tissue” appears repeatedly. Care must be taken not to misinterpret the phrase; it could refer to organs that were turned to stone during fossilization. Some statements in the paper seem to indicate that primordial biological material may exist. [Note: the term Lagerstätte refers to exceptionally-preserved fossils.]Here, we report the discovery of an early Cambrian Burgess Shale–type (BST) fossil Lagerstätte from the Changyang area of South China (Fig. 1), which is characterized by high taxonomic diversity, an unexpectedly large proportion of new taxa, and precise preservation of fine aspects of labile tissue anatomy (Figs. 2 to 4).New megacherian preserved with internal soft tissues.No authigenic mineral films or mineral replacement of selected soft tissues (e.g., pyrite, phosphate) have yet been observed. The fidelity of preservation is very high, on par with that of Chengjiang and Burgess Shale fossils (1, 7, 28). Apart from lightly sclerotized tissues, such as arthropod and worm cuticle, entirely soft-bodied animals (Fig. 2) (e.g., ctenophores and jellyfishes), labile anatomical features (eyes, gills, and guts), and juveniles are fairly common (Fig. 3 and fig. S2) and offer new phylogenetic information.During early diagenesis, both calcite and pyrite precipitated within the sediments but did not result in mineral replacement of soft-tissue morphology.The team summarizes the work’s contribution to analysis of the Cambrian explosion:The particularly large proportion of new taxa in the Qingjiang biota (fig. S5), which lies in close temporal proximity to the extensively sampled Chengjiang biota, suggests that the present understanding of the diversity and disparity of metazoan ecosystems in the immediate aftermath of the Cambrian explosion is far from complete and will be greatly informed by future discoveries.For more information on the Qingjiang site, see the following articles:A treasure trove of Cambrian fossils (Allison C. Daley, Science). “At this 508 million–year-old fossil locality, soft-bodied fossils are exquisitely preserved, showing skin, eyes, and internal organs such as guts and brains.”Fossil bed reveals a wealth of primeval species in exquisite detail (Nature).Treasure trove of marine fossils from ‘Cambrian explosion’ found in China ( of Bizarre Cambrian Fossils Reveals Some of the Earliest Animals on Earth (Mindy Waisberger, Live Science). “Many of the fossils — bell-shaped jellyfish, spiky worms, armored arthropods and more — retain an astonishing level of detail in their preserved soft tissues, such as gills, digestive systems and even eyes.”Other Cambrian FossilsCambrian Sessile, Suspension Feeding Stem-Group Ctenophores and Evolution of the Comb Jelly Body Plan (Current Biology). In the nearby Chengjiang fossil bed, Zhao et al. claim that a sessile (stationary) organism might be the ancestor of comb jellies.Half-a-billion-year-old fossil reveals the origins of comb jellies (Science Daily). This overstated headline from the University of Bristol asserts as a matter of fact that the new fossil was the ancestor of comb jellies. Paleontologists have long debated where to put comb jellies (ctenophores) in the imaginary phylogeny of Cambrian animals, which appeared nearly simultaneously in the base of the Cambrian fossil beds.520-Million-Year-Old Sea Monster Had 18 Mouth Tentacles (Live Science). This article mentions controversy about the origin of comb jellies. Casey Dunn of Yale is quoted as being “highly skeptical” of the assertion that the new fossil represents a ‘distant ancestor’ of ctenophores. He puts his own evolutionary spin on the story:“These are exciting animals no matter how they’re related to each other,” Dunn said. “Even though I’m skeptical that tentacles and comb rows are homologous [evolutionarily related], I think that as we describe more diversity from these deposits, certainly we’re going to learn a lot more about animal evolution.”Other Lagerstätte The Mazon Creek Lagerstätte: a diverse late Paleozoic ecosystem entombed within siderite concretions (Journal of the Geological Society). The state of Illinois has remarkable preservation of Carboniferous fossils, including some with soft tissues.One of the best records of late Paleozoic ecosystems, the Mazon Creek Lagerstätte is world famous for its striking flora and fauna preserved within siderite concretions. Distinct from other late Carboniferous concretionary Lagerstätten because of the remarkable fidelity of soft tissues and pigments that are frequently preserved, the Mazon Creek has seen a revival in investigations during the last 10 years using modern palaeontological techniques. However, many of these modern investigations build upon a literature that incorrectly interprets the palaeoenvironment of the Mazon Creek and the separate biotas: there is a lack of evidence to support a distinct freshwater fauna. Here, we present a detailed overview of the Mazon Creek Lagerstätte, including the palaeoenvironmental conditions, organisms present and the complex taphonomic processes involved in fossil formation.Two creationists keep track of soft tissue fossil announcements in the secular science literature. Bob Enyart of Real Science Radio maintains a page listing all the scientific papers announcing soft tissue. Brian Thomas of ICR also reports frequently on the subject. His most recent article debunks the “toast” model for soft tissue preservation in dinosaurs (see 10 Nov 2018).(Visited 889 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: July 2016

first_img Posted on 30th June 2016Web Design FacebookshareTwittertweetGoogle+share Related postsInclusive Components: Book Reviews And Accessibility Resources13th December 2019Should Your Portfolio Site Be A PWA?12th December 2019Building A CSS Layout: Live Stream With Rachel Andrew10th December 2019Struggling To Get A Handle On Traffic Surges10th December 2019How To Design Profitable Sales Funnels On Mobile6th December 2019How To Build A Real-Time Multiplayer Virtual Reality Game (Part 2)5th December 2019 Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: July 2016You are here: HomeWeb DesignDesktop Wallpaper Calendars: July 2016 To help you start into July freshly inspired, artists and designers from across the globe challenged their artistic abilities and created desktop wallpapers for you to indulge in. This monthly creativity mission has been going on for eight years now, and each month the enthusiastic work of the community brings forth interesting, beautiful, and unique results. Wallpapers that are a little more distinctive than the usual crowd.This post features their designs for July 2016. All wallpapers come in versions with and without a calendar and can be downloaded for free. A big thank-you to everyone who contributed their ideas! Now could there be a better occasion to freshen up your desktop?The post Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: July 2016 appeared first on Smashing Magazine.From our sponsors: Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: July 2016last_img read more

Create a Simple Motion Graphics Workflow With Premiere Pro and After Effects

first_imgLearn how to create a simple motion graphics workflow between Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.Top image via Shutterstock. Method 1 — Create a New After Effects CompositionYou can easily create a new Adobe After Effects composition directly from within Adobe Premiere Pro. Simply go into the file menu and select Adobe Dynamic Link > New After Effects Composition. You can manually adjust your comp settings, but Premiere will default the settings to match the active sequence. If you already have an After Effects project open, a new comp will appear in the project. If not, After Effects will prompt you to create a new project.Method 2 — Replace with an After Effects CompositionYou can create a new composition in After Effects from existing clips in Premiere Pro. To do this, select the clips you would like to edit in After Effects and then select File > Adobe Dynamic Link > Replace with After Effects Composition. Depending on your workflow, you might want to choose this option. It really depends on personal preference.Method 3 — Import an Existing After Effects CompositionIf you already have an existing After Effects composition you’ve been working on, you can easily import it directly into Premiere Pro. Simply go to File > Adobe Dynamic Link > Import After Effects Composition, and then find your AE project. Select the specific comp you want to import.Once you have a dynamic link set up between Premiere and After Effects, you can easily make modifications. If you’re editing in Premiere and you need to make a change, Control/Right Click on your dynamically linked clip and select Edit Original. This will launch your AE project at the composition’s location. Make whatever changes you need, and save the AE project to watch the changes go live in Premiere.Be aware that when using dynamic linking, your system is going to take a performance hit. To get around this, either lower your program display resolution or render a preview to help the video playback smoothly.Know other workflow hacks? Let us know in the comments.last_img read more