Husband, accomplice slapped with murder charge

first_imgBabita Sarjou’s deaththirty-nine-year-old Sharadananda Narine, called “Anand”, and his alleged accomplice 45-year-old DorelDorel ProntonSharadananda NarinePronton, called “Yankee”, who were slapped with a murder charge on Wednesday appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan.The two men were not required to plead to the indictable charge which stated that between November 4, 2010 and May 22, 2016, they murdered Narine’s estranged wife, 28-year-old Babita Sarjou, a mother of one, of Timehri Public Road, East Bank Demerara.Narine and Pronton were remanded to prison by Chief Magistrate McLennan until June 21, pending the post-mortem report and the DNA results.Meanwhile, speaking with the media following the duo’s court appearance, Director of Caribbean American Domestic Violence Awareness (CADVA), Dianne Madray said that she was happy the men were now facing the consequences of their crime, while adding that justice has been served.Champa Seonarine, mother of the now dead woman, was elated that the men were charged.The skeletal remains of Sarjou were discovered at Narine’s Seaforth Street, Campbellville, Georgetown, yard on May 22 – six years after she went missing.Her estranged husband and his accomplice, who were arrested on Saturday, allegedly confessed to the woman’s murder and later led investigators to the spot where they buried her body back in 2010.In early April, Seonarine, along with officials from CADVA had again petitioned for the case to be reopened. Seonarine said all she needed was some closure.The dead woman’s mother at the beginning of the investigations had voiced her belief that her daughter’s estranged husband had something to do with her disappearance.It was also reported that there were several instances of domestic violence and reports made to both the Kitty and Timehri Police Stations by Sarjou against her husband.In 2010, during the initial investigations, the Police held her husband for questioning for 72 hours and then released him.last_img read more


first_imgAnd they’re off! Runners in the Hornhead Challenge.More than 100 people took part in the annual Runegal In Donegal ( The Hornhead Challenge) today in Dunfanaghy organised by St. Michael’s GAA Club.The winners of the men’s race. Pic by Moses Alcorn.The club would like to thank Boyce’s Centra and Molly’s Bar Dunfanaghy for their support and all who turned out on the day.The results were Men 1st Seam Murphy 36.42, 2nd David Rainey 37.41, 3rd Shaun Stewart 38.28. All smiles at the Hornhead Challenge. Pic by Moses Alcorn.Women 1st Diane Watson City of Lisburn 44.44, 2nd Anegla O’Neill Feen Harriers 47.57, 3rd Helen Carr Raheney Shamrock 49.37.Junior 1st Max Roarty 52.59, 2nd Fran 57.23, 3rd Euan Wilson 102.14.1st Local Shaun Stewart 38.28.Grinding it out in the Hornhead Challenge. Pic by Moses Alcorn  MORE THAN 100 COMPETE IN RUNEGAL IN DONEGAL (HORNHEAD CHALLENGE) was last modified: July 12th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegalDunfanaghyHornhead Challengelast_img read more

The Politics of Darwinism: Dictate, Slander, Block

first_imgIn a state of panic over the rise of intelligent design and creationism, most scientific societies supporting Darwinism are doing what their opponents feel is doomed to fail: avoiding, at all costs, a fair and intellectual debate about the evidence.  Instead, many pro-Darwin forces issue prepared statements, misrepresent their opponents, and use legal maneuvering to try to head them off at the pass.    What they cannot ignore, however, is that large majorities in the public sector oppose the Darwin-only policy in education.  That means the public also has become a target of abuse.  This was obvious 17 months ago with the notorious National Geographic Nov. 2004 cover story, “Was Darwin Wrong?” answered inside with a paternal foot-stomp in bold 250-point type, NO (see 10/24/2004, 02/15/2005).  Here are some recent examples in that same tactical style that treats the majority public as hopelessly backward peasants who, in this state of siege, need stern military discipline:Royal Edict:  The Royal Society announced in a press release an official “statement on evolution, creationism and intelligent design.”  The upshot: evolution is well-established and an essential part of science education; criticism of evolution is criticism of science; you can believe in a creator as long as you don’t call it science; bacterial resistance demonstrates evolution; creationism is religion and intelligent design is disguised creationism; debate is good in science but undermining students’ confidence in science by distorting evidence is not (and that is what creationists do, by implication); and evolution is an essential part of the rise of a scientific understanding of the world, whereas anything else is based on faith.  (No new weapons, in other words; just more of the same from the NCSE armory.)Hear Ye, Hear Ye:  In addition, the Royal Society published a podcast from Professor Steve Jones.  Its title left no room for doubt about the contents: “Why Creationism is Wrong and Evolution is Right.”  Prime arguments: (1) science is about disbelief, but religion is about faith; (2) while it is true that a majority in the public distrusts evolution, why do no biologists agree? and, oddly, (3) “creationism does more harm to religion than it does to science.”    Randy Boswell reported on these two Royal Society statements on, titling his article, “Academic Worry Grows Over ‘Intelligent Design.’”Sound the Alarm:  In another of a series of anti-ID attack pieces with not an inch granted the opposition, PLoS Biology warned about “Scientific Illiteracy and the Partisan Takeover of Biology.”  Liza Gross associated intelligent design with doubts about stem cell research, doubts about global warming, and doubts about science in general.  Her equation is simple: intelligent design = scientific illiteracy.  Reporting the thoughts and advise of John D. Miller, she quoted his advice: “Scientists need to become involved in partisan politics and to oppose candidates who reject evolution or attack scientific research” – implying that the two go hand in hand.  No intelligent design supporter was given two words, but NCSE Director Eugenie Scott got a big sidebar, complete with big, smiling picture of her.  The end of Liza Gross’ article included the obligatory disclaimer, “The author has declared that no competing interests exist.”Hold Your Fire: A Parley!  A conservative group at Cornell, Sounding the Trumpet, announced rather joyfully that Cornell is going to offer a class on intelligent design this summer.  World Net Daily seemed to share this optimistic news, and so did the campus IDEA club.  William Dembski, however, interviewed by Agape Press, sees a Trojan Horse.  The teacher, Allen MacNeill, once called Dembski a “bald-faced liar,” and Cornell president Hunter Rawlings sternly denounced ID last year (see ARN reprint of IDEA Club response).  Dembski is certain the class will have a strong pro-Darwinist bias.  His take on Cornell’s strategy: “the academic mainstream … is hunkering down, stonewalling, [and] wanting to say there’s nothing of merit here, we’ve got to shut this down – and if we’re going to teach a course on it, it’s purely to debunk it.”And, In This Corner… ?:  Evolution News is waiting for Science magazine to let Michael Behe respond, since last week’s claim that “irreducible complexity” had a Darwinian explanation (04/06/2006) effectively admitted that the concept was scientific.  They seem to know that it will be a long wait.  For the expected silence, Discovery Institute provided a stack of reading material on the irreducible complexity argument.Pre-Emptive Strike:  Remember Frazier Mountain High School?  the little rural school with its little elective “Philosophy of Design” class that earned international attention when sued and forced to recant? (see 01/25/2006 story).  Well, now that a local church is planning to rent the town hall this Sunday and show the film Icons of Evolution, the Mountain Enterprise local newspaper published a three-page, multifaceted attack on intelligent design, discounting the credibility of the teacher highlighted in the film and the Darwinism-discrediting facts presented by Dr. Jonathan Wells.  In a semblance of balanced reporting, they have also kept a list of their running news stories on the episode, mostly overtly or covertly biased against intelligent design (such as posting teacher Sharon Lemburg’s initial outline for her elective course, which was never approved or even voted on, and had no bearing on the class).  Whether this pre-emptive strike will accomplish the desired result in this largely religious and conservative community remains to be seen.Wind Talkers:  Alan Leshner is so keen on the war correspondence, he must be hearing things.  According to Evolution News, he heard “code language” when Oklahoma proposed criticisms of Darwinism in a new Academic Freedom Act.  To the president of the AAAS, “exposing students to all sides of the scientific debate about evolution” is really “code language” for promoting a “narrow religious agenda.”  A blog by Lawrence Selden responds in plain English.Quarantine the ID Flu:  A press release from the Hunter Valley, NZ Scoop warned that 2,800 Australian students are at risk of being infected with the ID that is “infiltrating” science classes.  An education spokesperson “called on federal and state education ministers to withhold public funding until these schools agreed to quarantine science teaching from religious dogma.”  Unless students are “isolated” from this “myth,” there will be appalling consequences: “They are at risk of becoming unemployable in many important areas of the economy where scientific method is essential.”Battle Tactics Unveiled:  Writing in American Enterprise, Joe Manzari and Seth Cooper discussed the tactics of the ACLU to intimidate school boards with lawsuits.For the most part, critics of Darwinism and proponents of intelligent design have had to use the non-mainstream media to get their message out.  Some recent salvos:Jews for ID:  David Klinghoffer wrote an ID-friendly article for Jews in the Jerusalem Post.Getting the Darwinists’ Goat:  Ted Byfield gave his thoughts on “Rebutting Darwinists” in two editorials on World Net Daily.Truth or Talk:  True.origin tries to keep a running set of scientific responses to Talk.Origins, one of the pro-Darwinist blogs often cited as authoritative by evolutionists.Lone Rangers:  Individuals can always write letters to the editor (if they will print them).  Here’s one by Jonathan Bartlett printed by Tulsa Today answering Alan Leshner’s attacks against the Oklahoma bill.Some Isolated Fair Fights:  ID the Future keeps tabs on the isolated instances of open debates between evolutionists and ID proponents.Bias and Anti-Bias:  When the mainstream media won’t retract their misrepresentations, Evolution News does it for them.How will this all turn out?  Nobody knows, but the lines are clearly drawn.  The tactics of both parties sometimes reveal more than the statements themselves.One of the most intriguing, dynamic and fateful cultural debates in recent history is taking place before our eyes.  No one can afford to be uninformed.    The Darwinists are attempting to corral all non-materialists into a funny farm labeled “faith” and deny them any voice in matters of science, truth, reality or history, while their opposition are calling their bluff and demanding accountability for 150 years of misdirection and deceit.  Who’s right?  Well, look at the Darwin Party’s behavior.  If their case were so strong, they could state it before a crowd of educated, reasonable people, and easily trounce their opponents.  Since they cannot, and have failed to do so for over a century, all they can do is shore up their castle walls with the same recycled fluff, surround it with a moat of fear tactics, catapult out media bombs of misrepresentations, drug the populace with hallucinations, and desperately cry for reinforcements from the ACLU secret police.  Inside the castle, where the undecided can’t see the enemy, they decorate King Charles’s coffin, as he lies in state, telling the peasants that here lies the Great Leader Who Saved Science.  Now, what does this tell you?    If you need responses to Steve Jones and the other Royalist propaganda, well, keep reading, and reading, and reading.  We’ve got over five years of antidotes, and unlike the Darwinist Press, you get to hear the very best on both sides make their case.  The next article is a good place to start.(Visited 12 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Soft Tissue in Biggest Ever Cambrian Fossil Bonanza

first_imgChinese scientists are uncovering shale with the best-preserved Cambrian animals ever found.Welcome the Qingjiang Biota, a collection of Cambrian animal fossils that beats the famous Burgess Shale in Canada. China had already boasted a rich Cambrian bed, the Chengjiang biota. Now, Science Magazine has reported the first pictures and details from four years of research at the new treasure trove of Cambrian animals nearby. Take a look at the delicate antennae in this arthropod that resembles a shrimp:From Fig. 3, “Leanchoilia sp., showing fine anatomical details, including those of the great appendages.” Dark spots indicate soft tissue preservation.This is in shale rock, but could hardly be better preserved by amber. It looks as though the creatures was buried instantly. If not, this amount of detail would not have survived a day. Nature summarizes the context of this fossil bed, and notes the delicacy of soft-bodied creatures preserved in this fashion. What does it take to preserve details of a jellyfish, or a comb jelly?At about 518 million years of age, the fossil bed discovered in South China is slightly older than the celebrated Burgess Shale, a fossil site in the Canadian Rocky Mountains where the forms of hundreds of Cambrian animals have been immaculately preserved. Calling their assemblage the Qingjiang biota, Xingliang Zhang, at Northwest University in Xi’an, China, and his colleagues identify several algal forms and 101 types of animal — over half of which were never before described.The collection’s abundance of early pristine fossils of squishy animals, such as jellyfish, sea anemones and comb jellies, could be useful for biologists exploring early animal origins. The beds also hold unusually large species of mud dragon, or kinorhynchs; modern-day versions of these moulting invertebrates are visible only under a microscope.Mud dragons have apparently devolved from their spectacular ancestors. Previous reports showed Cambrian comb jellies with armor, unlike the squishy ones today (Evolution News, 28 July 2016). That seems to be another case of devolution.Original Soft Tissues?Of special interest are the possible soft tissues preserved. In the announcement paper in Science, “The Qingjiang biota—A Burgess Shale–type fossil Lagerstätte from the early Cambrian of South China,” the phrase “soft tissue” appears repeatedly. Care must be taken not to misinterpret the phrase; it could refer to organs that were turned to stone during fossilization. Some statements in the paper seem to indicate that primordial biological material may exist. [Note: the term Lagerstätte refers to exceptionally-preserved fossils.]Here, we report the discovery of an early Cambrian Burgess Shale–type (BST) fossil Lagerstätte from the Changyang area of South China (Fig. 1), which is characterized by high taxonomic diversity, an unexpectedly large proportion of new taxa, and precise preservation of fine aspects of labile tissue anatomy (Figs. 2 to 4).New megacherian preserved with internal soft tissues.No authigenic mineral films or mineral replacement of selected soft tissues (e.g., pyrite, phosphate) have yet been observed. The fidelity of preservation is very high, on par with that of Chengjiang and Burgess Shale fossils (1, 7, 28). Apart from lightly sclerotized tissues, such as arthropod and worm cuticle, entirely soft-bodied animals (Fig. 2) (e.g., ctenophores and jellyfishes), labile anatomical features (eyes, gills, and guts), and juveniles are fairly common (Fig. 3 and fig. S2) and offer new phylogenetic information.During early diagenesis, both calcite and pyrite precipitated within the sediments but did not result in mineral replacement of soft-tissue morphology.The team summarizes the work’s contribution to analysis of the Cambrian explosion:The particularly large proportion of new taxa in the Qingjiang biota (fig. S5), which lies in close temporal proximity to the extensively sampled Chengjiang biota, suggests that the present understanding of the diversity and disparity of metazoan ecosystems in the immediate aftermath of the Cambrian explosion is far from complete and will be greatly informed by future discoveries.For more information on the Qingjiang site, see the following articles:A treasure trove of Cambrian fossils (Allison C. Daley, Science). “At this 508 million–year-old fossil locality, soft-bodied fossils are exquisitely preserved, showing skin, eyes, and internal organs such as guts and brains.”Fossil bed reveals a wealth of primeval species in exquisite detail (Nature).Treasure trove of marine fossils from ‘Cambrian explosion’ found in China ( of Bizarre Cambrian Fossils Reveals Some of the Earliest Animals on Earth (Mindy Waisberger, Live Science). “Many of the fossils — bell-shaped jellyfish, spiky worms, armored arthropods and more — retain an astonishing level of detail in their preserved soft tissues, such as gills, digestive systems and even eyes.”Other Cambrian FossilsCambrian Sessile, Suspension Feeding Stem-Group Ctenophores and Evolution of the Comb Jelly Body Plan (Current Biology). In the nearby Chengjiang fossil bed, Zhao et al. claim that a sessile (stationary) organism might be the ancestor of comb jellies.Half-a-billion-year-old fossil reveals the origins of comb jellies (Science Daily). This overstated headline from the University of Bristol asserts as a matter of fact that the new fossil was the ancestor of comb jellies. Paleontologists have long debated where to put comb jellies (ctenophores) in the imaginary phylogeny of Cambrian animals, which appeared nearly simultaneously in the base of the Cambrian fossil beds.520-Million-Year-Old Sea Monster Had 18 Mouth Tentacles (Live Science). This article mentions controversy about the origin of comb jellies. Casey Dunn of Yale is quoted as being “highly skeptical” of the assertion that the new fossil represents a ‘distant ancestor’ of ctenophores. He puts his own evolutionary spin on the story:“These are exciting animals no matter how they’re related to each other,” Dunn said. “Even though I’m skeptical that tentacles and comb rows are homologous [evolutionarily related], I think that as we describe more diversity from these deposits, certainly we’re going to learn a lot more about animal evolution.”Other Lagerstätte The Mazon Creek Lagerstätte: a diverse late Paleozoic ecosystem entombed within siderite concretions (Journal of the Geological Society). The state of Illinois has remarkable preservation of Carboniferous fossils, including some with soft tissues.One of the best records of late Paleozoic ecosystems, the Mazon Creek Lagerstätte is world famous for its striking flora and fauna preserved within siderite concretions. Distinct from other late Carboniferous concretionary Lagerstätten because of the remarkable fidelity of soft tissues and pigments that are frequently preserved, the Mazon Creek has seen a revival in investigations during the last 10 years using modern palaeontological techniques. However, many of these modern investigations build upon a literature that incorrectly interprets the palaeoenvironment of the Mazon Creek and the separate biotas: there is a lack of evidence to support a distinct freshwater fauna. Here, we present a detailed overview of the Mazon Creek Lagerstätte, including the palaeoenvironmental conditions, organisms present and the complex taphonomic processes involved in fossil formation.Two creationists keep track of soft tissue fossil announcements in the secular science literature. Bob Enyart of Real Science Radio maintains a page listing all the scientific papers announcing soft tissue. Brian Thomas of ICR also reports frequently on the subject. His most recent article debunks the “toast” model for soft tissue preservation in dinosaurs (see 10 Nov 2018).(Visited 889 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

2010 qualification race hots up

first_img4 September 2009World Cup qualification action is heating up in football-loving countries all over the world as the field for South Africa 2010 begins to take shape.Over 75 qualifiers will take place between 5 and 10 September, and they are as large in number as they are high in temperature with South American derbies, Asian play-offs, European tussles and African duels dishing up exciting fare for fans of the beautiful game.Many football enthusiasts will be keeping an eye on giants like Brazil, England, Germany and Spain to see whether or not they will join the six countries that have already qualified for Africa’s first World Cup.Already qualifiedThe Netherlands, North Korea, South Korea, Australia and Japan have already qualified. Italy, as the defending champions, and South Africa, as the hosts, have earned automatic places in the elite field.The 32 teams who will take part in the World Cup will be known before the end of October.All eyes will be on Europe and South America over the next week as Brazil, Argentina and Chile lock horns in the fight for a spot in South Africa.The 2009 Confederations Cup champions Brazil will play their archrivals Argentina, coached by the legendary Diego Maradona, on Saturday in Rosario.South American standingsIf Brazil wins this round, as well as the match against Chile on Wednesday next week, they will have a great chance of qualifying as they lead the South American zone with 27 points. They are closely followed by Chile with 26 points. Argentina is in fourth position with 22 points and trails Paraguay with by two points.The top four teams from the South American zone will qualify for the World Cup. The fifth placed team will play against the fourth place team from the North, Central America and Caribbean zone. At the moment, this team is Ecuador.All the South American teams, who play two qualifying matches between 5 and 10 September, have four qualifiers to play ahead of the World Cup draw, which takes place in Cape Town on 4 December.EuropeMeanwhile, tension is high in Europe as one of the continental giants, The Netherlands, has already qualified, leaving rivals such as Spain, England, France, Germany, Russia and Portugal to battle it out.Spain, Germany, and England are anticipated to join the Dutch, but only if they manage to win their two September clashes.Spain are favourites to advance from Group Five, having won all their qualifiers so far. The European champions will play Belgium on Saturday and clash with struggling Estonia on Wednesday.England, under coach Fabio Capello, lead Group Six with 21 points. They are expected to seal their qualification when they take on Croatia on Wednesday next week.Bafana BafanaMeanwhile, the host of the 2006 Fifa World Cup, Germany, is top of Group Four with 19 points, and on Wednesday they play Azerbaijan. Germany will also lock horns with South Africa’s Bafana Bafana in an international friendly at home on Saturday.Other European teams expected to qualify to the World Cup include Denmark, Greece, Slovakia and Serbia, as they’re all sitting pretty at the top of their respective groups.Pressure in Africa is swelling as some of the powerhouses of African football, such as Cameroon, Morocco and Nigeria, are expected to come back to prove their critics wrong, despite criticism from their fans.AfricaGabon, Tunisia, Algeria, Ghana and the Ivory Coast are currently leading their groups, but they have a lot of hard work ahead of them. Strong performances are expected from giants Egypt and Nigeria as they fight for a spot in South Africa.Gabon is playing a double-header with star-studded Cameroon on Saturday and Wednesday. The Indomitable Lions will feature stars like Samuel Eto’o of AC Milan and Alexendre Song of Arsenal and need some good results to get their qualifying campaign back on track. It’s an ideal opportunity for Cameroon to make up ground; Gabon is currently top of Group A, while Cameroon is bottom.Meanwhile, the Asian Zone four teams, Australia, Japan, Korea Republic and Korea DPR, have already qualified. Bahrain and Saudi Arabia will clash in two play-off matches on Saturday and Wednesday to fight for the fifth position.OceaniaNew Zealand won the Oceania Zone qualifying section, and will have to go up against the side which finishes fifth in the Asian Zone.It is crunch time in the North, Central America and Caribbean Zone as the final ‘hexagonal’ round is about to end. The region’s heavyweights all have their sights squarely on the three-and-a-half places left in the World Cup.Regional champions the United States, as well as Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador and Trinidad and Tobago are also in the fight for the top three places. Mexico, the USA and Costa Rica to make it to South Africa.Source: Bua Newslast_img read more

Zuma urges Canada to invest in SA

first_img22 May 2013South Africa offers good investment prospects for countries like Canada, President Jacob Zuma said in Cape Town on Tuesday during the state visit of Canadian Governor-General David Johnston.Zuma said he hoped that Canada would take advantage of infrastructure projects on the continent, as well as get more involved in Africa’s mining sector.And as South Africa prepares to launch the South African Development Agency, Zuma said the agency could benefit from support of the Canadian International Development Agency, adding that countries from the North and the South had the unique opportunity to work together to change the lives of millions of Africans.Zuma said relations between South Africa and Canada were friendly and co-operative, rooted as they were in the anti-apartheid struggle, when Canada had argued strongly for a non-sexist, non-racist society.The two countries had also worked closely in multi-lateral associations, including the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group, which investigates serious transgressions of human rightsJohnston said he and Zuma held discussions on a number of issues, including the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) telescope. He congratulated South Africa for winning the bid to co-host the SKA.“Here you have succeeded in bringing the best talent into this country, the collaboration of many nations, for a very ambitious project of seeing further into space than we have ever seen before, and this from South Africa,” Johnston said.“Inspired by this major project, President Zuma and I also discussed the prospects of closer ties between Canada and South Africa in science, technology and education.”Johnston said the success of the Canadian-designed Gautrain demonstrated both the quality of South African infrastructure and the strength and expertise of Canadian technology.There were several areas in which South Africa and Canada could co-operate, including mining, infrastructure, agriculture and education, he said, adding that the success of Africa was critical to the success of the world.“This remarkable experiment of bringing diversity together and reinforcing democracy that we have seen in South Africa from last 19 years is inspiring all of us … and we will be with you all the way as you bring the African continent together to extend those values and achievements that you have already demonstrated so well here,” he said.Source: read more

Vince Carter biopic to be shown at Toronto film fest

first_imgK-pop star Jung Joon-young convicted of gang rape, spycam crimes View comments Vince Carter’s illustrious career will head to the big screen and it’s only fitting it will be first shown where it all began.A documentary titled ”The Carter Effect” will be featured at the Toronto International Film Festival, which will be held on Sept. 7-17.ADVERTISEMENT Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Hot-shooting San Beda humbles Mapua for 6th win Dubbed as “Vinnsanity” and “Air Canada” for his off-the-charts, high-flying antics, the current Sacramento Kings guard played a monumental role in putting the once obscure expansion franchise on the basketball map and into a legitimate playoff contender in the Eastern Conference in the early 2000s.The dynamic eight-time All-Star also become one of, if not the best dunker of all time—punctuated by his now iconic performance at the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk contest.The film will also go through Carter’s ugly split with the team, after he left for the New Jersey Nets in 2004.Now 41 years old, Carter may no longer possess the same youthful athleticism he once had, but he continues to be an effective player in the league.He also helped raise the popularity of the sport  in the hockey-dominated country and helped foster a generation of today’s brightest Canadian stars including Andrew Wiggins, Tristan Thompson, Kelly Olynyk, Cory Joseph and Jamal Murray.  Khristian Ibarrola /raADVERTISEMENT Huge Toronto crowd celebrates Raptors’ historic win PLAY LIST 01:08Huge Toronto crowd celebrates Raptors’ historic win03:12Kevin Durant out with Achilles injury; to undergo MRI on Tuesday01:43Who are Filipinos rooting for in the NBA Finals?01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games SEA Games in Calabarzon safe, secure – Solcom chief WATCH: Streetboys show off slick dance moves in Vhong Navarro’s wedding UPLB exempted from SEA Games class suspensioncenter_img Catriona Gray spends Thanksgiving by preparing meals for people with illnesses Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. LATEST STORIES Read Next LOOK: Venues for 2019 SEA Games Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC MOST READ As confirmed by the Toronto Star, the biopic, directed by Sean Menard, will delve into Carter’s undeniable impact in Canada during his six years  as a member of the Toronto Raptors basketball team from 1998 to 2004..@seanmenard’s documentary THE CARTER EFFECT, an unprecedented look at @Raptors @NBA All-Star Vince Carter (@mrvincecarter15). #TIFF17 STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutout— TIFF (@TIFF_NET) August 9, 2017last_img read more

10 months agoTottenham attacker Son: We’re now ready to sustain title tilt

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Tottenham attacker Son: We’re now ready to sustain title tiltby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveTottenham attacker Son Heung-min says they’re better equipped to mount a title challenge this season.Son believes Spurs learned ­valuable lessons from previous title challenges when they fell short, ­particularly in 2016 when Leicester won the Premier League.The 26-year-old said: “Every season we learn something because we’ve been so close, so, so close and we’re still young.“I want to just believe and that’s my main concept. I want to believe we can do it, we deserve to do it and we are looking forward to doing it every week.“It’s a long, long season and we have to go a long way and that’s why we have to be focused on the next match.” last_img read more

10 months agoLiverpool teenager Hoever will become ‘top, top player’ – Milner

first_imgAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say Liverpool teenager Hoever will become ‘top, top player’ – Milnerby Freddie Taylor10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveJames Milner believes Liverpool teammate Ki-Jana Hoever will become a ‘top,top player’ in the future.The 16-year-old made his senior debut in Monday night’s loss to Wolves in the FA CupAsked about Hoever, Milner said: “I think it’s good for the young boys to come in and get that experience. It’s not good to taste defeat but you normally learn more in a defeat than you do in a win.”I think you’ve got to look at those boys today and say how well they’ve done. Ki coming on after a minute and playing like he did [was] absolutely outstanding.”He’s going to be a top, top player you can see that straight away [with] his temperament [and] he’s comfortable on the ball.” last_img read more

a month agoPotter defends playing Brighton kids for Cup defeat

first_imgPotter defends playing Brighton kids for Cup defeatby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveGraham Potter has defended playing Brighton’s youngsters in Wednesday’s loss to Aston Villa.The Seagulls were knocked out of the Carabao Cup after Potter made 10 changes to the line-up that drew with Newcastle United on Saturday.Asked by The Argus whether his line-up was out of choice or necessity, Potter said: “A bit of both, I would say.”With Chelsea on Saturday, we have got a couple of lads sick, a couple of players who are recovering (from injury) and quite close but we just thought it was too soon for them to play.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img