London to Australia in two hours?

first_imgVirgin Galactic will be ready for blast off ‘within months’ according to Virgin boss Richard Branson.According to Mr Branson was speaking at a UAE government summit and said the launch is within sight after years of testing. He said that he should be granted approval for commercial flights within months. Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShip 2 recently completed a third successful rocket-powered test flight over the Mojave Desert in California.The company has sold over 700 tickets for the first commercial flights, at a cost of over $200,000 each according to TravelMole.comSir Richard told the summit that the “ultimate end-game for Virgin Galactic” is to run flights between London and Australia cutting flight times by over 80 per cent.“Obviously if we could fly to Australia in a couple of hours that would give us a massive advantage over anybody else” he said, cautiously adding that the reality of point to point Virgin Galactic flights is well over a decade away.“I would say that Virgin Galactic point-to-point travel would be about 12 years away.”But there are doubters. In an interview with Al Arabiya News Aviation analyst Saj Ahmad of, claims “the technology to do it just isn’t mature, robust or reliable enough to do it – and that’s before you consider the astronomical costs too.”“The concept, while novel, is a tad beyond the realm of reality,” he told Al Arabiya News.Ahmad was also skeptical on the likely profitability of Branson’s ‘space tourism’ venture.“Those with five- or six-figure sums of cash that is burning a hole in their pockets will likely be the only users – so how it could be profitable remains a mystery,” he said.“The costs involved seriously outweigh the planned or perceived revenue forecasting – the chasm has a huge disconnect so profitability is not going to happen anytime soon either.”last_img read more

Wall Street Can’t Make Sense Of Apple Anymore

first_imgTags:#Apple#iPad#iPhone#Steve Jobs#Tim Cook Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… dan lyons 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Seems like only yesterday Apple was a simple company for Wall Street to understand. The products were great, demand was insane, and there was nowhere for the stock to go but up, up, up. Which is exactly what happened.Those days are over. Apple’s stock has dropped 40% since last fall, from $705 to $426. This has happened even as the overall stock market has soared to new highs.Wall Street has no idea what to make of this. Is Apple the greatest deal ever, or is Apple doomed? It depends who you ask. The opinions are all over the map. It’s actually kind of entertaining seeing Wall Street know-it-alls suddenly look so baffled.Goldman Sachs says Apple is one of the most undervalued companies in the world. By that reasoning, the stock is a steal.Citigroup says demand for iPhones and iPads is lagging, and that Apple won’t even hit its own revenue targets for this quarter.(See also Apple May Never Regain Its Status As The World’s Most Valuable Company.)It’s Not About NumbersWall Street guys will fret about how much cash Apple has, how cheap the stock is relative to earnings, what’s happening with gross margins, and so on.But Apple’s stock price never had much to do with fundamentals. Apple is about emotion. It’s about narrative. It’s about mystery. It’s about secrecy and leaks, rumors and hype. It’s about people standing in line outside stores as if they’re going to a rock concert.Apple does best when it lives in the realm that Arthur C. Clarke described when he wrote that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”Magic is what Apple was selling when it introduced the iPhone and iPad. As long as Steve Jobs kept pulling rabbits out of his hat, customers (and investors) were dazzled.The problem is now we’ve come to expect magic from Apple. And lately Apple hasn’t delivered.Sure, Apple is a terrific, well-run company with a business that every company in the world must envy. The iPhone and iPad are terrific products, and Apple keeps making them better.But: there’s no magic.Wall Street keeps trying to tell this story in numbers. Gross margins. Net margins. Growth rates. Market share.But numbers are almost beside the point.Apple is a hits business, like a movie studio. Right now it needs a new blockbuster franchise. Whether that’s an iWatch or an iTV almost doesn’t matter. Apple just needs something. Something new, something exciting, something that gets people standing in lines outside stores again.Apple needs magic. Whether Tim Cook and his team are capable of creating it remains to be seen. That uncertainty, I suspect, is what has shaved $260 billion from Apple’s market value.center_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more

Gymnasts left stumped by SAI’s selection criteria for World Championship

first_imgBy Amit Kumar Das New Delhi, Sept 28 (PTI) Indian gymnasts appearing for the trial for the 48th Artistic World Championship have been left stumped by the SAI’s directive that they will have to perform the all-around routine instead of their individual events for selection. The uncertainty over Indian gymnasts participation at the Doha event ended last week with the Sports Authority of India (SAI) deciding to hold trials for the event on September 29 and 30.However, the gymnasts were surprised to know that the selection will be done on the basis of all-around results, which include four events for women and six for men.”We only came to know after coming here that the selection will be on all-around basis. Generally, we get a letter a month in advance but this time we got it a week before the trials and then it didn’t mention on what basis they will make the selection,” a gymnast told PTI on condition of anonymity.”Now there is no time to prepare. I had prepared for three events. For team event, there has to be three men and three women but they will select only four athletes, so why are they selecting on all-around basis when there is no team, I don’t understand.”Wouldn’t it have been better if we could have tried to come within top 30 in specific individual events? It would have been better as the upcoming world cups which would be qualifying events will be on the basis of individual events,” the gymnast added.advertisement Riyaz Ahmed Bhati, vice-president of Gymnastic Federation of India (GFI) was also left stumped when he received a mail on Friday from SAI, including him in the selection committee in place of Kaushik Bediwala. “SAI has included my name in the selection committee on such a short notice and that too without my consent. This is wrong,” he said. “SAI is helping us now but things happened too late. It has left the gymnasts with very less time to prepare. It could have been better managed.” In another major development, there is also uncertainty whether Dipa Karmakar, whose knee injury had flared up at the Asian Games, will participate in the trials. While Ashish Kumar and Aruna Budda Reddy have already decided to skip the world championship, there is speculation that Dipa too might give it a miss. A lot of gymnasts prepared for the trials, focussing on apparatus event and selection on all-around basis has put them in a spot. Many of them are also staying on their own in the capital as SAI made it clear it will not provide lodging and boarding facilities. Some are staying at the IG complex on payment basis. Also there is uncertainty whether the international judges will be available for the selection trial as they were informed at the last moment. Earlier, the Indian gymnasts were left in the lurch after Sports Ministry had refused to clear the team for the World Championship since the Gymnastic Federation of India (GFI) is de-recognised and stands suspended as per the national sports code. PTI ATK PM PMlast_img read more