Nova Scotians Receive Diamond Jubilee Medals

first_imgEleven deserving Nova Scotians were recognized with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal today, July 10, for their contributions to the province. Premier Darrell Dexter presented the medals at a ceremony in Bridgewater. “The Diamond Jubilee Medal celebrates outstanding contributions made by Canadians and Nova Scotians,” said Premier Dexter. “Today’s recipients are making Nova Scotia a better place to live, and are great examples of what can be achieved when you get involved in your community.” The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal commemorates the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty’s accession to the Throne, and honours her service and dedication to Canada. Hundreds of Nova Scotians will be honoured throughout the year with the Diamond Jubilee Medal. Today’s recipients were nominated by the premier. The medal recipients are: “Our son Garret is already back in the Dominican Republic, volunteering his time and efforts to help others,” said Garret Fancy’s father LeRoy, who, with mother Marcia, accepted the medal on their son’s behalf. “We’re sure that if he were here today, he’d say what an honour it is to receive the Diamond Jubilee medal. We are very proud of our son and are happy to accept this medal on his behalf.” Throughout the year, the Diamond Jubilee medal will be awarded to 60,000 deserving Canadians. For more information on the Diamond Jubilee and the medal, visit . Mrs. Geraldine Ann (Geri) Allen (Chester) Mr. Jamie Belong (Liverpool) Miss Meghan Brodmann (Blockhouse) Mrs. Christina Isabelle Brown (Bridgewater) Ms. Agnes Clinton (Chester Basin) Ms. Dora Creaser (Riverport) Miss Elizabeth Durnford (Lunenburg) Mr. Garret Fancy (Bridgewater) Mrs. Nora Nauss (New Germany) Ms. Janice Arlene Rafuse (East Chester) Mrs. Charlotte Marie White (Liverpool)last_img read more

Guerguerate Algeria Encourages Escalation of Polisario Provocations

Rabat – Algeria is still inciting Polisario militias to increase their provocations against Morocco in the buffer zone of Guerguerate, in the southernmost part of Western Sahara.A delegation of Algerian military leaders visited Tindouf camps on Saturday to reiterate their support for the separatist militias following their premeditated incursions into the buffer zone, which started one month before the return of Morocco to the African Union in late January.The visit of the Algerian military delegation was reportedly preceded by a “forum” organized last Saturday in Algeria to share its military experience with the Polisario militias. Sources close to the Polisario leaders revealed Algeria’s strong involvement in the militias’ provocative actions and maneuvers against Morocco as an attempt to escalate tension in the Guerguerate region.According to the source, an Algerian military leader has publicly expressed his country’s readiness to supply Polisario militias with all necessary materials, noting that Algeria provided the separatists with an arsenal of weapons in recent days.Following King Mohammed VI‘s request to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, to take urgent and necessary measures to curb the Polisario Front’s activities, which threaten the UN-brokered ceasefire and jeopardizing stability in Guerguerate, Guterres urged both Morocco and Polisario to “exercise maximum restraint and take all necessary steps to avoid escalating tensions.”To avoid escalation and comply the United Nations’ 1991’s ceasefire agreement, Morocco unilaterally withdrew from the Guerguerat region late February after dispatching police forces to the area last August to combat drug trafficking.Polisario has  ignored requests made by United Nations Secretary according to photos and videos that have emerged from the area. Polisario elements have been staging illegal checkpoints in the area, harassing and threatening the life of truck drivers and attempting to hinder trade between Morocco and other African countries. read more

Eco search engine sees surge in downloads as Amazon burns

NEW YORK — Can you save the rainforest from your desk? A spike in downloads for a search engine that’s contributing profits to planting trees shows people are looking for ways to help as fires rage across the Brazilian Amazon.But experts say that while such efforts won’t hurt, it’s better to give money directly to a charity.Ecosia, a search engine founded in 2009, works with about 20 tree-planting organizations around the world in hopes of planting a billion trees by 2020. The Berlin-based company has pledged to plant an additional 2 million trees in Brazil.Ecosia uses Microsoft Bing’s search engine technology and sells ads just like many other tech companies. It says it’s contributing 80% of its profits to tree-planting efforts and keeping just a small amount for itself.Mae Anderson, The Associated Press read more