How to Create a Website with Zero Experience

first_img Share. 0 By CBN Pinterest E-Headlines Luckily, in today’s technological-loving world, you don’t need to be a web designer to develop a fantastic website. You also do not need to possess any programming or technical skills to get started, either. All you need is a great platform, plenty of passion, and a hard work ethic. Unsure how to get started? Below are seven easy-to-follow steps of how you can create an impressive website with zero experience.Choose the Right Content Management SystemThere are some content management systems (CMS) which are easier to use than others. Top of your list should be WordPress, as it is an easy to use platform that’s ideal for both novices and seasoned web professionals. There are, however, some CMS systems you should avoid at all costs if you lack web design experience, such as Joomla! Choosing the right platform for your skill set will, therefore, help you create a stunning website with minimal stress or fuss.Register a Domain NameThere’s no technical know-how involved in securing a domain name, which is simply your website address. All you need to do is think of a domain name, such as your brand or your name, and register it either with WordPress or a third-party host. Try to choose a short domain name that not only reflects who you are but one which easy to both spell and remember. It will ensure that your visitors will remember you after they have visited your site. It is possible your domain name might be taken, so have a few variations at the ready so you can quickly get started.Add Drag and Drop BuildersDo you want to create, edit, and personalize your website with ease? A drag and drop builder is the ideal choice for people with no design experience. You’ll be happy to learn you do not need to write one tiny bit of code to create a stunning website that will appear both professional and engaging. What’s more, there are many fantastic WordPress page builders who offer smooth navigation, customizable layouts and designs, and attractive aesthetics.Customize Your Site with WidgetsPut your personal stamp on your website by choosing from a range of widgets to customize your site. For example, you can incorporate social media boxes, pop-ups, category features and online advertising into your website. So, you can create a truly unique design that will impress your visitors and encourage engagement.Find the Best Plugins for Your SiteIn addition to focusing on the navigation experience and the design aesthetics, you can also manage the background operations of your website by installing various plugins. For example, you can add an SEO plugin to optimize your content, or you could install a security plugin to protect your website from cybercriminals. There are even ecommerce plugins to help you sell products online. You simply need to find the best plugin options for your needs to create a safe, powerful, and engaging website.Add Great ContentOnce you have customized your website to your own specification, you should then focus on developing great content that will capture your target audience’s attention. For instance, you will need to write an interesting About Us/Me page that will detail who you are and what you do. You should also write insightful, entertaining, well-written articles that will drive traffic to your website. There are various content ideas to incorporate into your site, such as how-to articles, list posts, interviews, industry guides, videos, infographics, news, and case studies.Feature High-Quality ImagesAccording to one survey, 37% of marketers stated they believe visual marketing is an essential form of content for their business, which is second only to blogging on a website. It’s also believed people only believe 10% of what they hear three days later, but they’ll remember 65% of what they see. So, if you want to increase online engagement and boost your visitors’ knowledge, you must aim to incorporate high-quality images across your website, so they’ll remember you long after they have clicked away from a page. You also don’t need to be an expert photographer, as you can invest in some fantastic stock photos online, which can be easily embedded into your web content in WordPress. Facebook How to Create a Website with Zero Experience center_img Tumblr Email LinkedIn Twitter on March 26, 2018 Google+last_img

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