ROAD TO CROATIA 2018 Danes book handball winter

← Previous Story Decisive battles on the road to Croatia 2018 Next Story → CLOCK, CLOCK: Russia crush Slovakian dreams about EURO 2018 Denmark joined France, Germany, Sweden and Spain at the Men’s EHF EURO 2018 in Croatia after away victory against Netherlands 36:24.GROUP 1Netherlands – Denmark 24:36Thursday: Latvia – Hungary 18:35Standings:Denmark 9Hungary 5Netherlands 4Latvia 0GROUP 2Serbia – Poland 34:34Thursday: Romania – Belarus 18:00Standings:Serbia 7Belarus 5Romania 4Poland 2GROUP 3Wednesday:BiH – Spain 19:25Finland – Austria 36:39Standings:Spain 10BiH 4Austria 4Finland 2GROUP 4Czech Republic – Iceland 27:24Thursday: Ukraine – Macedonia 18:00Standings:Czech Republic 6Macedonia 4Iceland 4Ukraine 4GROUP 5Portugal – Germany 26:29Switzerland – Slovenia 20:33Standings:Germany 10Portugal 5Slovenia 5Switzerland 0GROUP 6Montenegro – Sweden 28:24Slovakia – Russia 24:25Standings:Sweden 8Montenegro 6Russia 4Slovakia 2GROUP 7Lithuania – France 25:26Belgium – Norway 27:43Standings:France 8Lithuania 6Norway 6Belgium 0

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