Algerian Politician MBS World Tour Seeks to Hide his Role in

Rabat – Earlier this week, Riyadh announced that Mohammed bin Salman is planning to visit “strategic partners” to further reinforce diplomatic ties in different fields.In his party meeting held on Saturday, Makri said that the Saudi Crown Prince is responsible for “ the death of children and civilians of Yemen, the imprisonment of many preachers, jurists and men of culture in the Kingdom and, most recently, the assassination” of prominent Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.Quoted by Algerian news outlet TSA, Makri said that bin Salman’s visit to Algeria is neither in “favor” of the country’s image “nor to its reputation.” He added that MBS is “attempting to reassure Algeria about the drop in oil prices,” recalling that Saudi Arabia responded to the request of US President Donald Trump to lower oil prices.Read Also: MBS Snubs Morocco as Saudi Arabia Seeks to Emerge from Post-Khashoggi BacklashOil Prices have fallen this week from $68 per barrel to about $52.50 per barrel. Trump was extremely pleased, expressing his satisfaction in a tweet.Algeria is among oil producing countries affected by the drop in oil prices. The North African country relies heavily on oil to maintain its foreign currency reserves.Makri is not the only politician who criticized MBSs visit. Tunisian activists and politicians also called for protests to prevent bin Salman from visiting Tunisia.Al Jazeera reported that hundreds of people are expected to protest in front of the presidential palace in Carthage to express their condemnation over the MBS’s visit.

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