Hungarian Prime Minister Says Islam Has Never Been Part of Europe

Rabat – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban known for his ultra-right ideals, gave some anti-Islam declarations to a German magazine this weekend.According to AFP, the Hungarian leader who is against welcoming refugees in Europe, told Germany’s Focus news weekly that “Islam has never been part of Europe”.Since the majority of refugees are Muslims, Orban has been launching xenophobic and Islamophobic campaigns to oppose some European countries’ decision to welcome Syrian refugees.“The language of the European elite is ideological and dogmatic,” he said. PM Orban claims that Islam does not fuse with Christianity, as it “creates separation and undesired multiculturalism” that affect Europe’s freedom of religion, thought, expression, equality, and gender. “These are cultural values we must defend”.“Spiritually, Islam was never part of Europe. It’s the rulebook of another world,” Orban affirmed.He also expressed his disagreement with France and Germany’s decision to accept migrants without “any doubts” on creating a ‘multicultural society’, and said that will not happen in Hungary.“We in Hungary decide what we want or don’t want. We don’t want that,” he noted.According to the same source, Europe has welcomed 600,000 refugees in 2015, mostly in Germany and Sweden.The Hungarian Prime Minister said that life in Europe, it needs to be earned through work, not given to those in need.“Not everyone is entitled to a life in Germany or a life in Hungary. That’s only for those who have worked for it,” Orban said.“Europe cannot accommodate all those in need,” he added.As a result, Hungary has closed its border with Serbia and Croatia to stop the influx of Syrian refugees.Video footage of Hungary’s inhumane treatment toward refugees has gone viral on social media and has been denounced by UN chief Ban Ki-Moon.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission

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