Diamond residents complain of intolerable music levels

first_imgThe residents of Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara, have now become frustrated after exhausting almost every effort to put an end to the intolerable levels of music, frequently played by a popular night club in the scheme.It was explained to Guyana Times that the popular night spot, G3 Building, located at the head of the housing scheme – between Avenue A and B – would play music so loudly, it would disturb residents several streets away.“Every night from about 9 o’clock to till 6 o’clock in de morning, they is be playing the music. You can’t get to sleep, the place is just pounding away. All the windows and everything just vibrating,” a concerned citizen said.Another resident related that on many occasions, residents in the area have contacted the Police but to no avail. “When we contact the Police, them is come but when they are coming, they (nightclub owners) have somebody who is watching out for the Police so they is turn off the music,” the resident said.According to the resident, such an occurrence happened only last Saturday evening.Much to the residents’ dismay, they complained that as soon as the Police leave, the owners of the bar would turn the music up again. A 57-year-old resident told this newspaper that he has been living in the area for over 10 years and the last two years, since the nightclub opened, has been the most miserable ones of his life.He said the situation was not as severe as when the club first opened, but has now reached the point where residents have become completely intolerable of the situation.The frustrated man, not knowing what else to do, or where else to turn for help, said he has lost hope of getting a good night’s rest and is now calling on the relevant authorities to conduct an investigation which will bring peace in the community.last_img

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