Bodymechanics Unveils Its New Cutting Edge Corrective Wellness Program

first_imgSubmitted by BodymechanicsWhat started out as three individual businesses in the Bodymechanics building has taken a new direction.   Always striving towards new and cutting edge programs to facilitate client healing, the team at Bodymechanics have turned things up a few notches to become the top facility in the area providing Corrective Wellness.The Bodymechanics mission is to champion clients to bring a healthy balance into their lives by using compassion, experience, unique perspective and belief in client’s desire to heal themselves.    In alignment with this mission, the new Corrective Wellness Program is the most holistic and integrative approach to addressing the source rather than the symptoms for many conditions.Many in our community are looking for permanent and noninvasive methods of addressing injuries, repetitive stress injuries, chronic pain, nerve impingement conditions, and other neural, muscular and skeletal issues.  The new Corrective Wellness Program meets and exceeds client goals.Business owner, Shari Aldrich, LMP, believes that this program fills a hole in the traditional healthcare model.  “We see clients on a daily basis who are injured and living with daily pain, who believe that they must live this way forever.”   Many people who come into our clinic respond with “no” to the question posed on the initial intake:  Do you believe it is possible to heal 100%?“People are hopeless.  They are frustrated and are unsure of where to go to get help,” she describes.   The Bodymechanics Corrective Wellness program will include help for injuries, chronic pain syndromes, repetitive stress injuries, postural and structural deviations, and will also address weight management goals through nutrition counseling, group fitness and boot camp classes, and our Body Media program.Our affiliation with Body Media allows us to use a device that measures ambient body heat, measured in Mets, to calculate real time calorie expenditure 24 hours a day in our clientele.  This allows us to make precision adjustments to each person’s nutrition and exercise program for guaranteed, precise results in managing weight loss and body composition.Fitness Manager, Marshall Coleman, CES, describes the new program as a program “for injuries and chronic pain utilizing postural and structural analysis to determine the cause of the symptoms or injury and then integrating myotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care, muscle re-training and nutrition to address the original cause and alleviate the symptoms from the source for permanent results.”Many of the symptoms that the medical community routinely treats with surgical solutions lead to missed work; weeks or months of physical therapy and down time, and other issues because of compensation patterns for the lack of mobility after the surgery.  The symptoms often originate from other problems, elsewhere in the body, and be reversed or alleviated with noninvasive procedures in a fraction of the time.One example of how the Bodymechanics Corrective Wellness program can facilitate a holistic and integrative approach is with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is often treated with surgery.  In most cases, we can alleviate the symptoms within a couple of Myotherapy treatments and then follow up with muscle retraining through our Corrective Exercise program to rebalance the length tension relationships within the muscles to prevent the symptoms from returning.   Since the symptoms often occur due to an issue elsewhere in the body, we follow up with a full program to address the source, which can take up to four to six weeks to fully complete all therapies.Functional Aging Training ProgramThe facility is also adding a program designed specifically for our senior population.  The Functional Aging Training Program is aimed at helping seniors achieve and maintain their independence through maintaining and increasing their ability to perform functional, physical activities ranging from basic movements such as standing and sitting without assistance; to training for athletic endeavors such as running.  This program is scheduled to begin in April 2014.Everyone at Bodymechanics is very passionate about what we do and about helping our clients and members achieve their corrective wellness, weight management and fitness goals.   The staff look forward to reaching out to the community and becoming a new standard for addressing these issues that people face in their lives every day.Whether you are dealing with issues like chronic pain syndromes, acute injury, headaches, neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, sports related injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, whiplash, nerve impingement conditions, weight management issues, or you just want to join a fitness class – the program is there to meet your needs. Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & MassageIntegrative Health ClinicBodymechanics Fit Body Boot Camp2330 Mottman Road SW, #106Tumwater WA  98512(360) 350-0015 Facebook31Tweet0Pin0last_img

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