first_img:09 It’s time for all of you to put your hoodies and football gear away and take your game inside. It’s hoop season baby. And stop waiting for the playoffs to go see a game. Our student athletes need our support now! Lets start “packin’” these high school gyms. After all, you and I both know you have nothing better to do.:08 Last week someone who will remain nameless brought a very important point to my attention. And at first I was a little in the dark. But I went back and put some light on it. Hey Pittsburgh Courier photographer what were you thinking? It’s the Gateway Basketball Tournament and you have no pictures of any Gateway players…and not one photo of Imani Christian Academy or Westinghouse High School …C’mon man!!! (see I call us on the carpet when necessary):07 Oh, by the way, pardon me Clairton Bears but you get the same level of props I threw out to Aliquippa. You just won your third straight title with a win over Southern Columbia at Hershey Park Stadium and with that fourth straight win set the longest high school football winning streak in the nation. You’re all BBBAAADDDD MMMMEEENN!! (Lot of you don’t know I got roots in Donora…I got family and friends in Clairton…Go Bears) (You remember the Clairton Elks…don’t ya ??!!):06 Don’t look now boys and girls but my Lakers are slowly but surely putting it together. Big Bynum is back in the lineup. That’s two seven footers to contend with when he pairs up with Gasol. That’s no day at the beach for anybody. And oh, by the way, Kobe’s wrist ain’t broke…I told ya!:05 Nobody really talks about it but one of the big problems with the Pitt basketball team is that their point guard Trevon Woodall has been out injured. You can never, never, ever underestimate the importance of the floor general. It throws everything out of whack when he’s not on the floor, that and not playing the Pitt style of defense. But not to worry, Jamie Dixon will right the ship.:04 For the so called know-it-alls out there, aka sportswriters and sports talk show hosts that actually believe it will take Penn State 10 years to get back on track, that is just “krazy” talk. Listen and listen good. Americans have short memories. Hell they barely remember 9-11, the worst tragedy in American history. You think some corn grower in middle America or an inner-city kid in ghetto U.S.A. is not going to take a free ride to one of the nation’s finest programs. Three years from now because of this…forget about it. The Nittany Lions will roar again in two years, count ’em “2” years! Take it to the bank, sign it, cash it, and walk out the bank.:03 If you missed the Champions First Friday Par-Tay…well you missed “The Flow Band” tear it up! Yea mun we par-tayed all nite long mun.:02 Hate to be the one to tell you this “Boston Mike” from Penn Hills but your Celtics are done. Too old, too slow and they didn’t replace anyone during the off season. Not that I care!:01 My girl Channel “Smitty” Smith is holding her own single handedly down in the D.C. area and she’s not backing up or taking any “stuff” from anybody about her Pittsburgh Steelers. Anybody reading this who has her number give her a call and show her some love. It’s not easy being as fine as she is and the No. 1 Steeler Fan in D.C. too! (Oh yea she’s fine, no doubt about it…finer than frog’s hair !!!)“DOUBLE OVERTIME”:00 The Champions/Five Starr Corporation “Tip Off” Reception is back. It’s time to get the new clock started for Champions 2012. It all gets going with the First Big Event of the year…“Champions Forever…25-100,” Feb. 3, at the brand spanking new Cambria Suites Downtown Pittsburgh across from the Old Civic Arena and next to Consol Arena right after work 6-10 p.m. Get your picture taken with the Fabulous Diamond Models, printed on the spot -light hors d’oeuvres-cash bar-free parking-big time networking-and you get to socialize with the grown folks—business attire—$25 donation benefits the 37th Annual Kenny Durrett Memorial City League vs. WPIAL High School, Middle School, Grade School All-Star Basketball Classic and Champions 2012 “Safe Summer” Programs call 412-628-4856 for information. Our goal is 100 people to donate $25…let’s do this people!!“TRIPLE OVERTIME”:00 I missed by just minutes one of the city’s finest couples over the holidays. The great Ron “R.C.” Carter of Perry H.S., VMI, and the L.A. Lakers…but this is not about Ron, this is about one of Pittsburgh’s finest models, his wife Darnella. She remains one of the best Truly Yours models of all time. Crystal, Leslie, Ellen and Roxy send their love and we all continue our prayers for your daughter and her continued great health. Word has it you’re reading Overtime…hey you’re all now in the Locker Room!~ Game Over ~ BILL NEAL :10 All right, right out the gate I had Steelers to win 24-21 but I was wrong. We had a lot of key injuries and they have a good coach and a good defense. You know I am a big Tee-Bow fan. You can’t measure the size of a man’s heart, and the Tee-Bow train keeps rolling to New England! last_img

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