Bernie Sanders Just Called Phish ‘One Of The Great Bands In This Country’ – Watch

first_imgFollowing yesterday’s Super Tuesday contests for the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations, the Senator from Vermont and Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders hosted “A Future To Believe In” rally this afternoon at the State Theatre in Portland, ME. Among those to perform were local favorites the Kenya Hall Band and Jon Fishman, the drummer of Phish and outspoken advocate of the Vermont Congressman.Wednesday’s appearance at the “A Future To Believe In” rally marks the second time in a month that Fishman has played at a Sanders event, the other coming ahead of the New Hampshire primaries in early February. Fishman has also recorded a video for the Sanders’ YouTube page recently expressing his support for the candidate and has stated that a vote for Sanders is politically akin to drafting Michael Jordan out of the University of North Carolina.Just this afternoon, Sanders recognized Fishman for his great work, remarking that Phish is “one of the great bands in this country.”Jane Sanders Likes The Dead And Phish, But She’s A Total Noob About ItTake a look at several voter postings from the Sanders rally via social media below:last_img


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