The most beautiful move of Atlético de Madrid’s Infernal Wing

first_imgPeiro he was, long before hearing that metaphor in cryptic language technicians, the “third man” who came to the goal from the shadows; a footballer so modern that today would be priceless in the midst of the speedy reign. Necklace, also fast, he lowered a ball from the sky as if it had paste on the instep and could put it wherever he wanted at any distance, then. The two were overflowing: by the left profile The child; for the two of us The Greyhound. They couldn’t give more to Athlete: Enrique Collar his sports life; Joaquín Peiró half of it and the financial salvation of the club when he asked him to leave.They drew wonderful plays from Peiró to Collar, from Collar to Peiró… But the most beautiful was missing. On March 18, 2020 Joaquín Peiró died. The plague prevented the warmth of his own, the hand held by his love forever; that of a son upon the heart; prayer in goodbye quiet. As in so many Spanish homes, and around the world, pain upon pain. Nor could the loyal ones gather by the hundreds to accompany him in the farewell. The next day they took him to the Canillas Cemetery, his town, which was when the promising cyclist Joaquin I traveled to Madrid by bicycle. They allowed a very close relative to come, four people. A crown of the Atlético de Madrid, another of his Legends, one more of the Federation. And then, like a ball that falls just in time to splice it, like the partner’s pass that you interpret before it is thrown without the need of a gesture; like the three seconds in which a goal is drawn, a fourth crown appeared to hug Peiro. On the metropolitan green of its leaves an endless number of red and white carnations had been born. And a slogan crossed his waist from side to side: ‘WITH LOVING, YOUR PARTNER OF THE INFERNAL WING’. La Gradona, white scarves in the wind, roared again, all standing by Peiro Y Necklace“ “The ball came through the air after the Enrique Collar right into space. Joaquín Peiró He threatened to get closer to the pitcher and after starting, he turned and looked for the ball to the empty place between centrals. With that move, the Hell Wing was always in check. And many times, checkmate. Goal. What is unique is that the exact, geometric launch of Collar was by hand! Those two geniuses had come up with that particular trick by mere repetition. Once it went well, no one knows when, and look. Maybe that throw-in occurred to Enrique any afternoon in Murcia when Ramón Colón took the two of them to ascend to the Pepper. They did it. In La Condomina the wing began to be hellish.An afternoon of paella and laughter, Enrique Collar He told us that the hellish thing was born from some Brazilian rivals who told the press about the devilishness of that pair of kids who were scorching the red and white band on the left. His exploits are in the Hemeroteca and even more in the indelible memory of the Atlético de Madrid. The infinite class of Necklace, the stellar overflow of PeiroThey ended up composing the best left-handed duo in the world when Joaquín was transferred to El Toro. Jorge Griffa says so. Amen.last_img read more