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Can’t live withoutOn 9 Apr 2002 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Olympus VN-1800 voice recorderWhat is it? A digital voice recorder that offers talk times of 180minutes (in long play mode). Digital voice files have the advantage over tapesin being accessible directly rather than a user having to fast-forward orplayback. Digital voice recorders are also much smaller than dictaphones –Olympus’ latest offering weighs in at a mere 60g and lies perfectly in the palmof the hand. Among the VN-1800’s natty features are a jog dial control for easyoperation and four folders (each holding up to 100 files) for organisingrecordings. Notes and dictation are saved to an internal memory chip. Do I really need one? HR professionals may not be ultra-reliant ongadgetry, but the VN-1800 could make a difference to your work life. Itscompact size and design means you can discreetly make notes to yourself and aschedule folder arranges files by date for easy retrieval. Up to 20 messagescan be programmed to set off an alarm to remind you of appointments ordeadlines. The only thing the VN-1800 lacks is connectivity to a PC. But if themain objective is to make notes on the move, the VN-1800 is worth considering. Specifications 96x39x21.5mm (hwd); weight: 90g; memory 16Mb.Recording times: 180 minutes in long play; 66 minutes in standard play; 45minutes in high-quality mode. Cost £79.99; the lower specified VN-900 costs £59.99. Available atthe end of April. Contact  0800 072 0070. Related posts:No related photos. read more