Loot Animes August 2016 crate takes us BACK TO SCHOOL

first_imgAugust 2016’s Loot Anime theme is BACK TO SCHOOL, and it’s a pretty compelling and amusing mish-mash of vaguely scholastic merch from anime series past and present. Omnicidal squid-senseis, gothic lesbian overtones, psychic demon-summoning ritualistic suicide enactment, the works. High schools in Japan must be amazing.Revolutionary Girl Utena bento boxAssassination Classroom dry erase board with magnetsDanganronpa neck tieFruits Basket keychain/phone charm setDigimon Adventure: Tri art card setPersona 3 manga volume 1Loot Anime BACK TO SCHOOL phone charmNo t-shirt in this crate, but still tons of great stuff. The Revolutionary Girl Utena bento box stands out, partly in a “Hey, I remember that weird anime” sense and partly because it’s actually a pretty nice two-compartment plastic bento with a set of chopsticks in the lid and an elastic loop that keeps it together. It’s a nice lunchbox.Assassination Classroom is an oddly heartwarming series about teacher murder, but the teacher in question is a memorable smiley-faced monster and the dry erase board is actually pretty handy. It’s covered in art from the anime, but it has both a desk stand and magnets so you can put it anywhere, and it comes with a white dry erase marker with an eraser in the cap.Danganronpa is best known for its creepy bear robot puppet thing that gets high school students to kill each other. The neck tie doesn’t straight up have a Monokuma on it, and thankfully has a simple red no symbol instead of the gross puffy belly button on the bear, and it looks pretty striking.Those are the big items in the crate. There are also some art cards from Digimon Adventure: Tri, which comes out in the US this month, plus a volume of the Persona 3 manga and a set of Fruits Basket keychains/phone charms. I don’t know what Fruits Basket is, but one of those characters is wearing onigiri as a hat.Loot Anime is one of Loot Crate’s themed monthly crates. $24.95 per month gets you a box full of anime and manga merch sent straight to your door. If you’re a huge weeb like me, it’s pretty great. August 2016 BACK TO SCHOOL Loot Anime.<><>last_img read more