GOG signs Square Enix Deus Ex and Hitman already available

first_imgGood Old Games, now better known as GOG, has just announced another major publisher has signed up to offer its back catalog of games through the service. Anyone visiting the retro gaming digital store will now find games from Square Enix.Square Enix alone wouldn’t be that great due to the company mainly focusing on console games in the past, but the publisher also now owns the entire catalog of games that UK publisher Eidos counts on its books. That’s due to Eidos’ acquisition back in 2009 by the Japanese company. With that being the case, it’s fitting that the first two old Square Enix games GOG is offering for sale are actually Eidos-published titles. Originally released in 2000, Deus: Ex Game of the Year edition is $9.99, and Hitman: Codename 47 is just $5.99. Both titles are available now.Deus: Ex and Hitman have been available for a while through alternative digital download services such as Steam. However, Eidos has a lot of old titles to choose from, so we’re bound to get a few gems appearing in the coming months. My personal favorite is the Thief series of games, and I’m hopeful all three released games will appear on GOG this year. Thief 4, or Thi4f as it is known, should also hopefully appear soon depending on how development is progressing.GOG has promised to reveal some more Square Enix in the coming weeks, and don’t forget the regular sales the service has that can push their already cheap prices down even further.Read more and buy the games at GOG.comlast_img read more