Video proves upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 8 is possible

first_imgI’ve been using versions of the Windows operating system since 3.11 shipped. That was on a 486DX-66, and I have to admit the upgrade process from one version to the next has never really caused me any great issues. The worst being a total reinstall to fix an unusual issue here and there.Back in Match 2011 a video appeared on YouTube proving you can perform a Windows upgrade right through from v1.0 to Windows 7. Now we have a new video, reaffirming the fact Windows continues to have an upgrade path, and you can take a machine running Windows 1.0 and upgrade it right through to Windows 8.In fact, the video is a bit of a cheat as it uses VMWare to perform the installations on a virtual machine. I’d like to see this experiment repeated with actual hardware. Meaning hardware that meets the minimum spec for running Windows 8 that successfully has Windows 1.0 installed on it. Would that actually work? Or will those ancient first few versions of the operating system pose a problem for today’s hardware?If nothing else, this video and slide show should bring back a few memories depending on your age. What you’ll also notice is how the installation process seemed to get longer and longer right up to Vista, then Microsoft has thankfully sped it up again for the last two versions. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Windows 1.0Windows 1.0windows 2.0Windows 3.1Windows 95Windows 98Windows 98Windows MEWindows MEWindows XPWindows VistaWindows 7Windows 8Windows 8last_img read more