Resident Evil composer exposed as fraud now claims is no longer deaf

first_imgFamous Japanese composer Mamoru Samuragochi, who was often referred to as “the Japanese Beethoven” due to being deaf, has been exposed as a fraud. He has admitted that he has been paying someone else to write his music for over twenty years.He is perhaps most famous for Hiroshima Symphony No. 1, which is a tribute to those killed in the 1945 atomic bombing. Samuragochi has suffered from a degenerative hearing disorder and went deaf at age 35. That symphony isn’t solely what helped his rise to stardom, as he worked as a composer on both the Resident Evil and Onimusha franchises. He claims that he was losing his hearing in 1999 while composing the music for 1997’s Resident Evil: The Director’s Cut, and had completely lost his hearing by 2001, when he composed the music for Onimusha: Warlords.According to the Japanese press, Samuragochi first hired someone else to compose his work — which he passed off as having created on his own — starting in 1996, when his hearing condition became worse.It’s not entirely clear why Samuragochi has come clean now at the age of 50, but it likely has to do with a documentary aired last year about his music and how the Hiroshima Symphony became something of an anthem. Perhaps guilt was the confession’s catalyst. As for the real composer of the purchased pieces of music, he or she has yet to come forward, and Samuragochi has not divulged the culprit.It’s nice that Samuragochi has finally confessed, but unfortunate that he let the ruse go on for over two decades. If you became a Resident Evil or Onimusha fan — games with legitimately decent audio — you should probably pull the Samuragochi posters down from your wall and replace them with the Rage Against the Machine posters that always seem to find their way on walls adorned with posters.Update, 2/13/2014: It is now being reported that Samuragochi claims he is no longer deaf, and that an unnamed game company he worked with — most likely Capcom considering his Resident Evil credits — knew the whole time. He’s not claiming a full restoration of his hearing, but instead that over the past three years, his hearing has been gradually coming back. Supposedly, if people speak slowly and clearly into his ears, he can make out words. It has also been revealed that the person who acted as ghost writer for Samuragochi’s is music professor Takashi Niigaki.last_img read more