Yamaha TSX140 Wakes You Gently

first_imgWe don’t have clock radios anymore, we have audio systems. Witness the Yamaha TXS-140 Desktop Audio System, which wakes you gradually. Coming in a range of earth-inspired colors, the TSX-140 works with an iPod Touch and the iPhone. It can also play MP3 and WMA files stores on a USB flash drive. Oh, and it has an AM/FM radio.What makes it special is the InteliAlarm, which wakes you with the audio source of your choice. It starts by filtering out uncomfortable high frequencies, then gradually restores the full audio spectrum. Finally, it beeps, to tell you to get the heck out of bed. It’s all gentle and stress-free. Until the beeping. You can pick one up for a list price of $399.95. Is it too late for a Black Friday deal?last_img