Council people should serve the legal residents of Bayonne

first_imgTo the Editor:Bayonne Councilman-at-Large Juan Perez seriously needs to rethink the stance he took in the front page article, “Mexican Consulate comes to Bayonne,” in which he cleverly places blame on President Trump for illegal immigrants’ fear of deportation.Perez was quoted as saying, “Believe it or not, their kids are more concerned for their parents because of what they heard from the president about deporting people…They’re going to school and they are afraid.” The reason for their fear is not a president or any elected official enforcing laws, it solely lies on the shoulders of the adult(s) who broke the law when they entered this country without proper vetting and approval.Prior to several recent federal raids, elected Hudson County officials showed total disregard for complying with our primary federal law regarding immigration. It wasn’t until our newly elected President Trump kept his campaign promises and began to enforce the laws that we see something happening to protect our American interests in Hudson County. The only reason the Mexican Consulate is now doing something about it is they realize they are no longer allowed to disrespect, ignore, and break U.S. law.In the same article, Councilman Perez is also quoted as saying that “he calls Mexicans living in Bayonne his constituents…” While this is true, it is also dangerously misleading. He should clarify that only residents of any and all nationalities, who have valid visas, are permanent residents, or U.S. citizens, are in fact his legal constituents which he is bound to represent. He doesn’t have any authority to represent any person of any nationality who is in this country illegally.The Bayonne Community News, like most media outlets today, inaccurately misleads its audience by making claims like, “in today’s political environment, Mexicans are under greater threat of deportation.” Their unfair, subjective claim singles out only one group, while failing to ethnically clarify that people of any nationality who are here illegally are the only ones with a threat of deportation.It is shameful to learn that Councilman Perez has the time, energy, and resources to promote another country’s consulate into our City Hall to assist illegal immigrants, while many Bayonne residents are regularly ignored at City Council meetings.I expect supporters of Councilman Perez to deflect and attempt to turn this into a conversation about illegal immigration. I would like to inform them that I am a 46-year-old legal immigrant and remind them the letter’s main issue is our city’s officials’ poor choice of actions and words that conflict with the oath they took when elected to serve the legal residents of Bayonne, Hudson County, NJ. I hope to see a formal press release from the council declaring its political stance on this issue. Will it side with other neighboring political associates or finally represent the very people it took an oath to represent? This should be a high deciding factor in the upcoming election. ALEX RODRIGUEZlast_img read more